Favorite Yoyer?

Who is your favorite yoyer? Personally, I’m a big Hiroyuki Suzuki fan! :smiley:

Until I learned all of the tricks on YYE and then some: Hiroyuki Suzuki

Once I started making my own tricks/ analyzing performances: Iori Yamaki, Takeshi Matsuura, Zach Gormley

Though the change in favorites Hiroyuki Suzuki still has the most class and seems like an awesome person to be around IMO

Takeshi is my favorite. Logan theobald and Noah lovold are my favorite in terms of regular video making.

Andre Boulay is my favorite! #sideburnsanddarkmagic

lol, my videos suck (I need an actual camera and video editing software) but thanks :slight_smile:

I like Takeshi, Zach Gormley, Ed Haponik, James Reed (big inspiration), Charles, Logan Wilis from Werrd, Anthony Rojas…… and geez, the list can go on forever.

They aren’t the best quality but I really enjoy the rawness and emotion in them.

Takeshi matsuura, janos, karancz, charles haycock, zach gormley, tal mordoch, and anyone else who does intense slack concepts

Been very much into Tal Murdoch recently :slight_smile:

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Harrison Lee, Luckey Li, Takeshi Matsuura, Hiroyuki Suzuki, and Andre because he’s awesome

Jensen Kimmitt because his music and yoyoing.

Zach Gormley is who I’m watching the most of right now. My favorite of all time would have to be Jensen Kimmitt though. I could watch him yoyo for hours.

I’ve always heavily enjoyed Yukki :slight_smile:

Takeshi Matsuura all the way. But the coolest thrower I met is Yukki Spencer.

Yuuki is an ALL TIME FAVORITE!! But lately I’ve been making stuff inspired by Andrew Maider and Anothony Rojas.

Takeshi is pretty great, so him and I’ve been enjoying Loris Hc’s videos.

Takeshi is #1, followed by Zach and Tatsuya Fujisaka. Charles, Hiroyuki and now Toru Miyazaki are also favorites.

I always like watching Anthony Rojas and Charles Haycock, I definitely prefer watching them in a more relaxed non competition setting.

There are so many different aspects of people’s styles that I love and that I aspire to that simply picking a favourite isn’t an easy task…

Vashek Kroutil’s pacing and stage presence

Rei Iwakura’s sheer enthusiasm

Zach/Takeshi’s innovation and slack mastery

Paul Dang’s chopstick prowess

Charles Haycock’s quirkiness/uniqueness

Someone’s face of yoyo triumph

There are so many throwers that I admire for so many different reasons. If I were to list them all I’d be here forever, as pretty much every name people have already named has had me nodding my head and going “mhmm, mhmm”.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, as an overall favourite, all things being considered, Vashek stands on top for me.

I’ll just leave this here. #teamvashek

All the people on forum who make videos.

Professionly brandon shu takada gentry zac RUBINO jake elliot.



Harold Owens
Chase Baxter
Ann Connolly
Trent Knighton
Paul Kerbal
Clint Armstrong
Mark Wendt
John Ando
Brian Melford

And many others.