Who's ur favorite yoyoer

Hey everyone, just wondering who ur favorite pro yoyoer is
I’ll start, I really like augie fash

I’ve never personally had a favorite player, I have more of a favorite attitude. The attitude I prefer most is when watching someone, irregardless of skill, that is obviously loving what they are doing. Certain popular names come to mind: Old school Tom Smothers. A riot to watch and made a living with a yoyo and having fun. When you watch Ed and Zammy play, they bring so much more than just tricks…love…creativity…pure expression and joy. However, some of the most insipiring people aren’t that well known or even that skilled. They just play! No matter what, no matter where they are, and no matter what people say, they do it because they love it!

Yes, anyone that loves to yoyo is special, and inspires me! Seeing and sharing the joy of a first succesful gravity pull is still one of the greatest experiences in yoyoing! Just absolutely epic!

Either Marcus Koh (and not because he won worlds, I like his freestyles{who doesnt?}), Ann Connolly or Miguel Correa… YEAH MIGUEL CORREA AS NUMBER 1 :slight_smile:

jake bullock is still king!!!



Watching Ann Connoly is always a pleasure. She’s a phenomenal thrower and shes always got a smile on her face. You can tell she really loves what she does.

Petr Kavka

Tyler severance

Hank Freeman and Alex Hattori.

Dan Dietz!!!

Don’t think I have ever heard of Augie Flash. :stuck_out_tongue:



Too many.

Jensen Kimmitt.

paul han.


Jensen Kimmitt

Hiroyuki Suzuki and boyd seth

Paul Han

Jensen Kimmitt

Jason Lee

Steve Brown

Yuuki spencer

Hiroyuki Suzuki

Paul Han

A very Distinctive Style. He has a whole lot of Inventive Trick formulas rolling around in his head. Doesn’t get much feedback of any kind, anytime he posts up vids/tricks/tuts… which I find an endless source of mystery? Seems there is some kind of unwritten Penalty for ‘being too far outside the box’. At the National Yoyo Contest; the Trick innovator of the year award is usually given to people that ‘think outside the box’. Yet Zammy is as ‘outside’ as anybody; yet gets little attention it seems.

I don’t care if the guy: eats nothing but Pizza, sings in his sleep, paints his fingernails or rides bicycles backwards at night. I don’t care if he stares into the camera: I really don’t.

I watch the Vids. I watch the Tricks. His Ka-ray-ze Tricks with the off the wall names.

And I really like that even though he gets little mention or attention from the yoyo community(it seems), he just keeps pulling stuff out of the Hat. His Moebius Tricks are Top Shelf. And his Tuts are very well done.

I could name 20 other guys in the next 10 seconds and put up a good argument defending the Mad Skills of every one of them. But this thread is about ’ Who is Your Favorite Yoyoer’.

And after watching yoers for the last 14 years; I have to say that Zammy is more twisted than a Corkscrew. He is just One Badd Man


Harold Owens, Andre Boulay, and Tyler Sevrance.

I’m my favorite yoyoer.

My second favorite is Andre Boulay! Without this website and tutorials I’d be nowhere.