Who's ur favorite yoyoer

Whoever smiles…

augie fash. he may not be the best, but he always goes up on that stage and just has fun and a good time, and that’s what yoyoing is all about.

Jensen kimmitt, Andre, takahiro izuka, Mr. Watanabe! ( i love his protrusion!), augie fash, paul han, and others, just those are the one i can think of on the top of my head.


Hiroyuki Suzuki; hands down.

Marcus koh, andre boulay and Hiroyuki suzuki. Marcus koh because he is unique and he lives in my country, andre boulay because he is a good teacher and hiroyuki suzuki because he has a nice style that is interesting.

I know this isn’t 1 particular person, but I really like everyone on team SPYY. Their tricks an styles are so different it makes it fun to watch them.

Shinji Saito. Not just because he’s #1 at 2a. He’s the one who made me want to start yo-yoing.

Augie Fash.

how has everyone forgotten Guy Wright

Andre Boulay because he has taught me almost everything I know, Zammy, and Yuuki Spencer

Petr Kavka
Yuji S. Kelly
Jason Lee
Guy Wright

i can’t stand why you people don’t mention takeshi matsuura. He is the best yoyoer ever since the yoyo came to life. Maybe you guys think he is not a human…

I like John Ando. ;D

Because we people welcome you to exercise your own freedom of speech, my friend!


My Grandson Jensen Kimmitt I still watch him throwing (EIEIYO)

He’s your grandson???

André Boulay and Takihiro Iizuka for 1A
Tyler Severance and Takeshi Matsuura for 5A

I just saw the post about him too, hehe, I really like his 5A.

I said I liked team SPYY so I do like guy wright.