Favorite Yoyer?

Definitely Harold Owens the Third. Really smooth and chill guy

Best 3a player ever hiroki miyamoto
(2008 worlds 3a 1st)


I like Charles, Zach, Daniel Dietz(probably my favorite)

And maybe jensen for his 2011 wyyc

Artem Sadriev
Josh Yee
Chris Rodriguez
Andrew Maider
Michael Kurti
Kento Muraoka
Nehemiah Peterson
Noah Bacofen
Drew Mroweic Barnhart
Mark Wendt

A lot of my favorite yoyoers are people I respect and not necessarily about their skill level.

Vashek Kroutil. I like his in control style and presence. @Gambit that is my favorite video of his, along with the one where he showcased the CZM8 ^.^


James reed, petr kavaka, Logan theobald, tsuka takastu, Tessa piccillo, grant Johnson, Coleman Weimer, ect.

Yo Logan!

Yay thanks ya’ll.
I really like watching all my friends like Daniel Kim, Mark Wendt, Greg Angle, Jordan O’Brien, and anyone else I missed. My favorite pro is Even Nagao.

Thanks lol. *Greg Angel

This is still so sick

It’s been a while since I posted last. The app doesn’t work with iOS 8.

Guy wright has always been a huge influence in my yoyoing. Alexis JV too because he also throws lefty and doesn’t throw breakaways. Tatsuya Fujisaka, Hiro Irifuni, Ayumu Harada, Charles Haycock, Zach Gormley, Jensen, Tal Mordoch, Jesse Christe, Aaron Davis, Janos… OH and Tyler Vienneau! Tyler has kinda flown under the radar, but his tricks have some serious flow, and deserves some more publicity.

That is one of the best performances i have ever seen

I like and respect a lot of players, but the ones who have consistently influenced and inspired me the most over the years would be Zach Gormley, Jensen Kimmitt, Charles Haycock, Gentry Stein and Hiroyuki Suzuki. I would also put Andre Boulay, Steve Brown and Dale Oliver in my favorites list.

At the moment, mine are Gentry Stein and Eric Koloski. Really enjoyed his BAC routine. And Saw what Gentry was working on for Worlds. Awesome. Can’t wait to see his worlds routine in Tokyo this year

To be honest Shinji Saito is my fav

Jensen kimmit

Guy, Spencer, Paul Escolar, Ed, DocPop, Yuuki, Charles, Jensen, Seth, Adam Brewster, Danny S, Alec, Dale Oliver

There are some others, just can’t think of them

Zach Gormley