Top Throwers

I figure this could be an interesting topic. Who do you think the top 10 yoyoers of all time are? Of this year? Who are your top 10 favorite? Who are the top 10 most creative? There are many variations you can make. Im still figuring out my list.

  1. the guy who sparked an Evora and Ti Dream simultaneously
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Patrick BORGERDING Shu takada. Nuff said.

Sigh. I saw that coming


I don’t really know. Maybe Takeshi since he’s been dominating for so long? Or maybe people who’s been the most influential, like Mr. Steve Brown

Personal favorite is Vashek

Most innovative-- Riccardo or Zach Gormley
Most helpful to the community-- Steve Brown
Longest on top-- Hiroyuki or Takeshi
Coolest playstyles IMO-- Andrew Maider or Guy Wright

My personal favorites would be Zach Gormley, Sebby Brock, and Sean Perez but as for best of all time Takeshi

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in no order for any of these…

1a:Yuuki Spencer, John Ando, Jensen Kimmit, Jason Lee, and last but not least Zach Gormley

2a: Shinji Saito and Alex Garcia

3a: Hajime Miura and Hank Freeman

4a: Ben Conde, Sean Perez, Lim Aik Hwee, Rei Iwakura, John Narum, and last but not least Naoto Okada

5a: Tyler Severance, Takeshi Matsuura, Steve Brown, Bryan Jardin, David Molnar, John Wolfe, and last but not least Jake Elliot

Lol. But they inspire me most.

But these safe more who inspire me.
Steve Brown.
Shinji Saito.
Ky Zizan.
Ed sir.
Takeshi kamasito sir.

And few more.

In no particular order

Gentry stein
Zach gormely
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Ben Conde
Shu takada
Brandon vu
Micheal nakamura
Harold Owens iii
Kevin Nicholas
Paul kerbel
Kazuya murata
Lori Yamaki

Im a fan of Brandon Vu also but i wouldnt say hes top ten best…

Not best but favorite
James Reed
Anthony Rojas
Jesse Christe
Zach Gormley
Takahiro Iizuka
Hajime Miura
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Takeshi Matsuura
Ky Zizan

Paul Kerbel
Zach Gormley
Ben Conde
Hajime Miura
Rei Iwakura
Janos (can’t spell his last name)
Takeshi matsura

Most inspiring: Parvar Singh. I don’t even know that you’re on a wheelchair until his Yoyoexpert video contest submission. I mean, no offense, I can stand upright and keep making excuses to practice.
Most helpful: Ed, kinda obvious.
My favorite: Kharis (Ahmad Kharisma), very very friendly guy who don’t have the slightest look to look down on anyone, easily approachable.
I don’t really care about the rest.

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Woo bro this is a huge compliment for me means a lot to me. Thank you.

Basically my 2a inspiration says I’m his inspiration? Wah that’s great.

Thank you thank you.

I like Jake Elliot, Tyler Severance, Iori Yamaki, and Shu Takada, personally.

Tom Smothers - laugh all you want but he’s the man! :slight_smile:

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There are just too many to choose JUST 10!