who do u think the top 10 throwers are?


I wanted to see who people thought the top 10 throwers are.

(Bradley Moss) #2

This can not be answered in anything buy opinion, the question should be something more along the lines of “Who are your top 10 favorite yoyoers”

In which case I would answer it like this:

(in no specific order, just who came to mind first)
Yuuki Spencer
Tyler Severance
Sterling Quinn
Mateusz Ganc
Augie Fash
Seth Peterson
Adam Brewster
Anthony Rojas
John Ando
Takahir Iizuka

(Raphael) #3

Tyler severance
Guy Wright
Jensen Kimmit
Andre Boulay
Brett… (vguitars)
Jared… (starts with a v i think)
Sabastian brock
spiked skull (Idk his real name, but I think he stopped throwing)
Augie Fash

The question was my “top 10 throwers” so these people, I’ve met a couple of them, and talked over the internet with a couple, and a few might not be the best, but there pretty chill dudes.


Descending order.

  1. Me

And for sure, no. 1 Is


Nah jk,
Yuuki Spencer
Tyler Severance
Sterling Quinn
Mateusz Ganc
Augie Fash
Seth Peterson
Adam Brewster
Anthony Rojas
John Ando
Takahir Iizuka


yuuki spencer

takahiro izuka

andre boulay

tyler severance

eric koloski


takeshi matsuura

augie fash

rei iwakura

gentry stein

;D ;D


in no particular order:

guy wright

andrew bergen

takeshi matsuura

andre boulay

john narum

bryan f…(i forget how to spell his last name but he’s the 4a guy)

jensen kimmet


shinji saito

daniel dietz


im guessing u meant andre boualy lol… ;D

  1. Hiroyuki Suzuki
  2. Jensen Kimmit
  3. Yukki Spencer
  4. Takeshi Matsurra
  5. Patrick Mitchell
  6. John Ando
  7. Shinji Saito
  8. Augie Fash
  9. Mark Montgomery
  10. John Narun

Andre Boulay is probably the best yoyo instructer tho
Kentaro Kimura is proabably the best 3A player also


im guessing U meant andre boulay lol… ;D

(Troy(oyo) #10

In no particular order. Everyone who yoyos is in my top 10. Simply the fact that they are part of this community is wonderful. In my opinion, no yoyoer is “better” than another. We all yoyo. For example, some people like to just make a Duncan Butterfly go up and down. That is their niche, some people like contests, that is theirs.



But why has noone mentioned Steve Brown, Spencer Berry, Ed Haponik, jon rob, mike montgomery


fixed 8)


Not in order:
Yuuki Spencer
Guy Wright
Tyler Severance
Justin Beiber
Jason Lee
Sid Pires
Boyd Seth
Doc Pop

These aren’t nessecarily the best ten throwers just my favorite ten throwers i think lol.


Takeshi Matsuura
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Luo Yi Cheng (Takuto)
Tyler Severance
Yuuki Spencer
Jensen Kimmitt
Chris…topher Chia
Marcus Koh
Lim Aik Hwee
Rei Iwakura

PS: Why almost no one here like Mickey?


André Boulay !


Does it have to be 1A? If not then here are mine in no particular order:

Gentry Stein
Bryan Jardin
Jensen Kimmitt
Ryota Ogi
Marcus Koh
Lim Aik Hwee
Shinji Saito
Eric Koloski
Augie Fash
Luo Yi Cheng


I thought a lot more jensen would show up im shocked.


Im a Boss


Ann Connolly
Andre Boulay
Jensen Kimmitt
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Miguel Correa
Tyler Severance
Shinji Saito
Yuuki Spencer
Paul Han
Krisztian Kaluzsa

oh, and #11 - Me :smiley:


Victor (Gravitsky)
Tyler (Severance)
This guy (don’t know his name):