Top 5 favourite yo-yo players

Who are your top 5 favourite yo-yo players (they don’t have to be in order but you can if you want)

Mine are: 1. Andre Boulay
2.Ben Conde
3.Hiroyuki Suzuki
4.Miguel Correa
5.Shinji Saito

Tomas Bubak
Ben Conde
Yuuki Spencer
Chris Chia
John Ando

Fit Paul Kerbel in there somewhere depending on my mood, though.

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hmm that’s a tough one. but I’d have to say

  1. andre boulay
  2. jensen kimmitt
  3. augie fash
  4. shinji saito (that guy’s a freakin’ 2a MASTER)
  5. and hiroyuki suzuki cause even though I don’t like his style at all I have to admit he’s amazingly good.
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1: Takahiro Iizuka
2: Guy Wright
3: Jensen Kimmitt
4: Andre Boulay
5: Ed Haponik

And depending on my mood, substitute Nate Sutter, Drew Tetz, and Augie Fash in there.

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Lim Aik Hwee
John Ando
Augie Fash
Hank Freeman (his 3A is f-ing amazing)
Yuuki Spencer

and not in that particular order either

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Sorry, I just realized that I may be spelling favourite wrong. I think it should be favorite (in America) but because I’m British, that’s how I spell it

Guy Wright
Jason Lee
Augie Fash
Takahiro Iizuka
Ryota Ogi

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Ryota Ogi
Hiro Irifune
Junya Yamamoto
Sean Perez
Chen Jia Lin

Not in order.
Daniel Dietz
Zac Rubino
Ben Conde
Guy Wright
Aww man, running out of room!
Drew Tetz
Thats it. Except Rei Iwakura also pops up there from time to time.

Not in order.

Jensen Kimmit
Gentry Stein
Augie fash
Ben Conde
Paul Han

1.Ben Conde
2. Alex Lee
3.Gentry Stein
4.Takahiro Iizuka
5.Andre Boulay

  1. guy wright
  2. nate sutter
  3. augie fash
  4. ben conde
  5. ann connelly (i find it impressive a girl can flow like that while having a dazzleing smile)

one extra is brett grimes cause i learn alot from his videos

Augie - YYF
Andre - YYJ
Tomas - Duncan
Tyler - YYF
Ann - YYF

  1. anne connely
  2. Yuuki Spencer
  3. Hank freeman
  4. Andre boulay
  5. ben conde

Brad Moss
Tanner Moss
Adam Brewster
Seth Peterson
Jack Ringca

Graeme Steller
Augie Fash
Paul Han
Paul Dang
Marcos Koh

1.jensen kimmitt(so much kinetic energy!)
2.john ando (brain melter)
3.gentry stein(mini jensen)
4.andre boulay(many thanks to his tutorials , wouldn’t be here without them)
5.luo yi chen(when he isn’t depressed and hectic, many thanks to him for what he’s done for the chinese yoyoing scence)

  1. Takahiro Lizuka
  2. Tatsuya Fujisaka
  3. Christopher Chia
  4. Hiroyuki Suzuki
  5. Hank Freeman

In no particular order
Andre Boulay
Andre Boulay
Andre Boulay
Andre Boulay
Andre Boulay

  1. Victor Gravitsky
  2. Vashek Kroutil
  3. Krisztian Kalusza
  4. Steel John
  5. Patrick Mitchell (where is he, btw?)

Note: I believe with all my heart that one day young yyf protégé Darnell Hairston will be great enough to be on most people’s top 5 list…