Top 5 Favorite Players!

(Zach Smith) #1

Mine are, in no particular order:
Doctor Popular! ;D
Gerard Amento
Augie Fash
Jensen Kimmit
Sebastian Brock

What about you guys???


1:I honestly cannot choose, it was first André, but Josh Yee has caught up. If André makes a new video, or I meet him, he will be my favorite, but I understand he is a busy man.
2:Tyler Severance
3:Zach Gormley
4:Logan Horskotte
5:Yosshi Mikamoto

(D@§h!zn!t) #3
  1. Nemo Conception
  2. Andrew Robinson
  3. JD
  4. Steve Brown (oldschool ftw) ;D
  5. Guy Wright

(Johnny T) #4
  1. Paul Han
  2. Eric Koloski
  3. Samad Patel
  4. Sebastian Brock
  5. Yuuki Spencer


1.) Hiroyuki Suzuki

2.) Shinji Saito

3.) Augie Fash

4.) Ryosuke Iwasawa

5.) Tie McClellan.

Hard to to choose for the best top Five, I have so many Fave players.

(Zammy Ickler ) #6
  1. Eric Tranton.
  2. Doctor Popular
  3. Alex Berenguel
  4. Adam Brewster
  5. Gary Couch.

I have a reason for each of those players and of course I like the tricks and playstyles of yuuki, John ando, Johnnie devalle, Augie…and many other throwers but each of those people has influenced me to be a better yoyo or person in general.

Eric and Gary happen to be very good yoyo friends of mine although I do not speak to Gary alot, Doc and Alex are my main influence for my yoyoing and Adam is my influence when it comes to philosophy on throwing and life in general.


  1. Will Simmons
  2. Guy Wright
  3. Eric Koloski
  4. Tie McClellan
  5. Charles Haycock


Hiroyuki Suzuki
Eric Koloski
Andre Boulay
Daniel Deitz
John Higby


Guy Wright
John Narum
Alex Berenguel

  1. Andr’e Boulay
  2. Vashek Kroutil
  3. John Narum
  4. Gerard Amento
  5. Yuuki Spencer

(Yo!It'sMatt) #11

John Ando
Yuuki Spencer
Hiroyuki Suzuki
John Narum
Augie Fash


Yuuki Spencer
Jenson Kimmit
Guy Wright
Augie Fash
Andrew Robinson.

(Mark) #13
  1. Jensen Kimmitt
  2. David Ung
  3. Hiroyuki Suzuki
  4. John Ando
  5. Andre Boulay

  1. Jensen Kimmitt
  2. Sebastian Brock
  3. Zach Gormley
  4. Tyler Severance
  5. Josh Yee or Baldo Gonzales(I like their 5a)

  1. Jensen Kimmitt
  2. Zach Gormley
  3. Charles Haycock
  4. Andrew Bergen or Tyler Severance
  5. John Ando

I wish I could say more :frowning:

Those are just the 5 that stand a little bit more to me.

Will add more:

I also LOVE,

Sebastian Brock

Augie Fash

David Ung

John Chow

Will Simmons

Yuuki Spencer

Boyd Seth

Adam Brewster

Guy Wright

Ryosuke Iwasawa

Andrew Robinson

Seth Peterson

Luo Yi Cheng

Keita Kido

Justin Weber

(Bradley Moss) #16

Seth Peterson
Adam Brewster
Tyler Severance
Justin Weber
Yuuki Spencer

I like so many more, but this is just a top 5… So I’ll stop here…

(Shisaki) #17

Yuuki Spencer
Luo Yi Cheng
Tyler Severence
Augie Fash
Sebastian Brock

(Mitch) #18

1:Augie Fash
2:Doc Pop
3:Josh Yee
4:Tyler Severance
5:Steve Brown

(SR) #19

Jensen Kemmit
Augie Fash
Tyler Severence
Andre Boulay


I only have individual favorites at a time. Right now, its Paul Dang.
2 days ago, it was Jensen Kimmitt.