Your favorite players now...

(Zach Smith) #1

I know this thread rolls around a lot but its still fun. :slight_smile:

So what are you’re top 5 favorite players right now? Mine are:

  1. Seth Peterson
  2. Elliot Jackson
  3. Patrick Mitchell
    4.Tyler McClellan
  4. Ed Haponik

  1. Josh Yee
  2. Ryota Ogi
  3. Ed Haponik
  4. JD
  5. David Orvek Janos Karancz
    Edit: Changed Mine.


Tyler Severance, and always will.


Nate Sutter
Brandon Jackson
Ed Haponik
Tom Smothers
Steve Brown
Guy Wright
Tyler Severance
Josh Yee

(Zach Smith) #5

Dude, five. XD


Trust me, that list can keep going, LOL!!!


Rei Iwakura
Brian Cosky circa 2006
Brandon Baines


Me :wink:

(Zach Smith) #9

And that isn’t vain at all. XD


John Chow
Guy Wright
Augie Fash
Jensen Kimmitt
Josh Yee

Pretty standard guys on players favorite, but I like 'em.


That pretty much sums it up for me.


Yuuki Spenser
Jensen Kimmitt
Patrick Mitchell
Shinji Saito
Andre Boulay

   they are awesome!!!


Top 5

Gentry Stein
Takahiro Lizuka
Augie Fash
Anthony Rojas
Hiroyuki Suzuki




Guy Wright
Tyler Severance
Jensen Kimmit

(Zach Smith) #15

Very nice. :slight_smile:


Yuuki Spencer
Jensen Kimmitt
Patrick Borgerding
Rei Iwakura
Miguel Correa

PS: Props to the 3A king!


of all time?

1: guy wright/jensen kimmitt tie
2:tyler severance
3:mark Montgomery
4: Steve brown
5: samad/jd/andre 3 way tie

(Troy(oyo) #18

1: Guy Wright
2: Augie Fash
3: Gerard Amento
4: Josh Yee
5: Jensen Kimmit


Not in any particular order…
Kentaro Kimura (Spelling?)
Lu Ye Cheng (Spelling?)

(Q) #20

Ben Nikitas
Alex Jacobs
Jacob Lindgren
Matt Getzfred

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