Top 5 Favorite Players!

My favorites change all the time:

Paul Dang
Mark Montgomery
Yuuki Spencer
Augie Fash
Vashek Kroutil

Notice that there’s no numbers.

  1. Mickey (1A)
  2. John Ando (1A)
  3. Grant Johnson (1A)
  4. John Narum (4A)
  5. Augie Fash (1A)

no order

Mark Montgomery
Yuuki Spencer
Paul Han
Fajar Siddiq
Tsubasa Onishi

Today its Juan Renteria.

Lim Aik Hwee
John Ando
Doctor Popular (also love Drown Radio, I would like to mention)
Augie Fash
Andre Boulay (thanks fro’ the videos!)

Its Bergy today for me.

1)Hiroyuki Suzuki
2)Andre Boulay
3)John Ando
4)Yuuki Spencer
5)Tyler Severance

Augie Fash
Jon Rob
Joseph Harris
Tsubasa Oonishi
John Ando

Andre Bouley

Hiroyuki Suzuki

Augie Fash

Dave Giegle

Grant Johnson

keep spinning


No particular order

Hiroyuki Suzuki (Mickey)
Andre Boulay
John Ando
Panda Joe
Gerard Amento

today it is john chow

1a: Jensen zach chuck vashek yuuki
2a: grant yoshi
3a:paul, kentaro
4a: Bryan
5a: Tyler, miggy sterling jonrob

I am feeling Tyler Severance-y today.


Is this legit??? :stuck_out_tongue:

My are
Zach Gormely
Augie Fash
Jensen Kimmit
Sebastion Brock
Guy Wright

Aw man. I forgot who my favorite was. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Jensen Kimmet
  2. Tyler Severance
  3. Zach
  4. Samad
    5 Kim-Lan
  5. :stuck_out_tongue:

no order
.tyler severance
.jensen kimmit
.john chow
.david ung