Top 5 favourite yo-yo players


Ryosuke Iwasawa
Ed Halponik
Guy Wright
Mark Montgomery


I can’t pick just 5 so in no specific order
Tyler Severance
Ann Connolly
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Andre Boulay
John Ando
Team Shaqler
Paul Kerbel
Miguel Correa
Bryan Figueroa
and the list goes on…


Just an FYI, it’s two i’s not an Li. Iizuka.


Nope, they are both right. In america we take away the “ur” in the words that have that sound. Favorite, nighbor, and color are just to name a few. Us americans just have to be diffrent, hehe. But they are both right ways to spell it.

No back on topic of the original topic…

André Boulay
Takihiro Iizuka
Chua Wei Xuan
Malcom Chu
Augie Fash


1a. anthony rojas
2a.grant johnson
3a. alex hattori
4a.zac rubino or ben conde
5a. takeshi matsuura


My Messiah says otherwise.

(Jei Cheetah) #27

No actually.
Easy way to tell is to take Japanese as a language and its spelling into account.
There is no “Li” or the Japanese language. No “L”. For words in the english language that use an “L”, they use “R” so the name “Leo” become “Reo” etc.

Note that this is Takahiro’s actual FB, and it is indeed spelled with two "I"s

Type in Takahiro “Lizuka” in youtube, and you will get corrected with “Iizuka.”
The reason you mistook it for an L is cause in most text forms, the capital I will end up looking like an L.

Capital I ^

Just saying.



(Chase Baxter) #29

-Michael Stecz
-Samm Scott
-Alex Lee
-Chris Fraser
-Elliot Ogawa
-Paolo Bueno


(DOGS) #30

Zammy, Ed Haponik, Guy Wright


That is basicly mine.

  1. Peter Kavka
  2. Jensen Kimmitt
  3. Charles Haycock
  4. Zach Gormely
  5. John Chow

  1. Anthony Rojas
  2. Jensen Kimmitt
  3. Victor Gravitzky
  4. Paul Han
  5. Sebastian Brock


jensen kimmit
paul han
hiroyuki suzuki
ann connolly
john ando


Paul Han
Mark Montgomery
Jensen kimmit
Harold Owens III
John ando


1 Jensen Kimmit
2 Ben Conde
4 Gentry Stien
5 Sebastian Brock

  1. Everyone on Team SPYY
  2. Luis Eduardo Celis Vanegas (OneDrop)
  3. Andres Felipe Celis (ILYY
  4. Jensen Kimmitt
  5. André Boulay (he helped when I got serious with yoyoing)

  1. Jensen Kimmit
  2. Peter Kavka
  3. Charles Haycock
  4. Zach Gormely
  5. John Chow

But mostly Jensen.

  1. Augie Fash
  2. David Ung
  3. Hiroyuki Suzuki
  4. Jason Lee
  5. Sebastian Brock

(Alex Fairhurst) #40
  1. Petr Kavka
  2. Yuuki
  3. Palli
  4. Jason Lee
  5. Guy Wright