Favourite yo-yoer?

Who’s your favourite player? i’m sure there’s someone who you look up to when you throw, no? Ah well, I’ll start.

1A: Hiroyuki Suzuki
4A: Rei Iwakura
5A: Takeshi Matsuura ;D

1.Andre Boulay-1A
2.Guy Wright-1A
3.Jensen Kimmet-1A

Hiroyuki Suzuki/Shinya Kido- 1A

I get a lot of inspiration from Paul Han and Tyler Severance, as well as the guys at General-Yo. (Sam, Luke, Ivan, etc.)

Bryan Figueroa - 4a
Takeshi Matsuura - 5a
Ed - reall great guy even I never met him before.

Many others or might I say every yoyoer who is
Having fun with yoyos
Giving importance to yoyos

Andre Boulay/Johnny Delvalle

So many… I like them all for different reasons, so I couldn’t claim any was my favorite.

Augie Fash- So energetic, and always seems to be having so much fun. Inspired me to really get into yoyoing

Andrey Boulay- His tutorials started me off

Ed- Watching some of his vids taught me that, while the higher-end yoyos are nice, you can do some great stuff with a fixed axle.

Zammy- I love seeing his new trick vids when they come out.

Guy Wright- Awesome Style

Xela- Extremely innovative

Chris Fraiser, Yuuki Spencer,Andre Boulay 1A. Cody Taylor, Jeff Coons 4A. Jack Ringca 5A. 8)

Lou ye chang, Andre, markmont, mikemonty, so many…

For me it’s Doc Pop followed by Guy Wright

Ed, Vashek, Eric Tranton.

Ed and Doc Pop.

John Chow, Guy Wright, tane6419 (that’s his YouTube account; I can’t figure out his real name), Kentaro Kimura, Jensen Kimmitt… and probably some others that I can’t think of right now.

I also really admire Andre’s efforts to teach people. Sometimes teachers don’t get as much credit as competitors, so I say major props to him.

1-> Jensen Kimmit
2-> Grzegorz Piwowarek (aka Gaberus)
3-> Mateusz Ganc (aka Gacek)

1-> Kentaro Kimura

Seth Peterson
Adam Brewster
Ed Haponik