What is your favorite yoyo player

Mine is hank freeman

Mine is Guy Wright. But hes a person, not an object…

Yeah I think you meant Who there bro.

right now, i would say clint armstrong. He’s been killin it. He has such a clean and smooth style. every trick is executed perfectly.

Paul Escolar for the innovation and Duncan love. Also Zammy for the innovation and Brett Grimes for the amazing Highspeed tutorials.

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I set the bar really low so as to avoid high expectations.


André Boulay and Takahiro Iizuka

yes, andre is really really really really good.

Luo Yi Cheng and Guy Wright

Mark Montgomery

André Boulay, also known as yoyoexpert. ;D

Jensen Kimmitt, Augie Fash, Chris Fraser, Marcus Koh, and Hiroyuki Suzuki (for 1A throwers).

Happy Throwing! =]

The one on my sig

Hiroyuki Suzuki. Theres just something about his style I love. Christopher chia would be second.

Ann Connolly. I love her style, and she’s cute. lol :stuck_out_tongue:
Second favourite would be Skip. that guy’s just cool.

eric koloski

jensen kimmit