Favorite yoyo player?


Me? Gentry Stein, because he has great tricks and is with the music really well. How about you?


Michael Nakamura

I love watching Magne Saetran as well :slight_smile:


Zach Gormley it’s just incredible what he does


Iori Yamaki and Hiroyuki Suzuki

(Erik Kerber ) #5

I have so many favorite yoyo’s for so many different reasons just to list a few.

Charles Haycock Because he’s really funny and I really like his flowy style.

Jensen Kimmit just cuz its Jensen Kimmit, Nuff said

Zach Gormly I love his tech.

Gentry Stein I mean he won worlds how can you not like him.

Ben Conde His 4A is crazy.

So yea thats a few.


haha you named almost all of my top players that I like. Really gotta like those cool CLYW kids their styles are great and they are hilarious. :smiley:


Christopher Chia


Tessa Piccillo



I like myself :smiley:

(Yiyang Wang) #10

You already know what I am going to say. :smiley: Marcus Koh!!!


Paul kerbel


Jensen Kimmitt, JT Nickel, Charles Haycock, Anthony Rojas

(Amplified) #13


(Jacob Jensen)


Jensen Kimmit, too much flow and innovation to not be a fan.


Hiroyuki Suzuki and Mark Montgomery.


Toru Miyazaki and Daniel Flaherty because both of them are extremely underrated.