Favorite YoYo Player

My favorite yoyo player is definitively ANDRE BOULAY and his signature yoyo, the Dark Magic II because I LOOOOOOOVE TO GRIND and the Dark Magic II can grind on me in so many ways!! ;D ;D ;D (I worded that badly)

it is sad that no one knows about Riccardo Fraulinni.

For me it has to be Vashek Kroutil. His speed, style and trick construction is just everything that I could personally want in a yoyo style. Just check his freestyle from worlds this year:

^ That is the kind of yoyo player I want to be right there.  ;D

I don’t know how popular these 2 choices will be, but my favorite players are John Narum and Ed Haponik.

Both of these fellas have been ĂĽber-influential in my time as a yoyoer.

Too many to name!

Charles Haycock would have to be my favorite! Jensen Kimmitt and Riccardo Fraolini are close seconds

Favorite contest player: janos karancz/zach gormley
Favorite non contest player: ricardo fraolini

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yay getting riccardo the love he deserves…

Andre Boulay is my favorite person in yo-yo. He’s not just a player though, so he could never be reduced to just that. Just the best!

I enjoy watching the more mature looking players, John Higby, Ben McPhee, and Vashek Kroutil, who presents very well on stage and in interviews. I like the style of these guys, great yo-yo play without the teeny bopper look.

non competing: Charles Haycock
competing: zach gormely or jensen kimmit

I like too many can’t really list them all. XD

You guys already know who I am going to say.

Is your favorite player Marcus koh?

Janos’ 2013 World’s routine is what originally got me interested in throwing again, so he’s one of my favorites.

Some of Gentry’s videos also helped get me back into throwing too, so he’s up there (also can’t deny his stellar win this year at world’s).

As for players who don’t focus on competition, Paul Dang and Mark Montgomery come to mind.

Paul is just an awesome guy it seems. His Cascade video helped get me back into throwing as well, and his AMA and the rest of the stuff he does for OD is great. Thanks again for the Cascade I won in the AMA giveaway!

Mark has just created an awesome brand for OD and Toxic Strings. His attention to detail shows through his outstanding signature products that make up the Markmont brand. I have the Next, Classic, and a bunch of Dragon strings, all of which are some of my most used stuff. I hope I can continue to buy Dragons, and I’d like to pick up the Markmont. Project and Wooly Markmont eventually.

Edit: Forgot about Ed Haponik as well. His fixed axle play is unbelievable, and is inspiring me to get into it a bit. I’ve started messing with an old Duncan butterfly that I have, and will be getting some newer fixies soon hopefully. It’s also really awesome to see stuff carry over from his year of fixed axle play into his unresponsive play when he started using bearings again.

Charles, Janos, Zach, Logan Willis from Werrd, Ty Goldman, Spencer Berry, Yuuki, etc.

EDIT: Can’t forget Ed Haponik!

Chris Chia>Humanatee

Too many: Chuck, Jensen, Zach, Spencer, Ed, Yuuki, Drew Tetz, Ricardo, Danny Severance, Tsukasa Takatsu, there is more. Even a few that most here wouldn’t have as their favorites: Dennis McBride, Tom Smothers, Dale Oliver.

Apparently you don’t know about Ricardo Fraolinieither :wink:

Quite honestly, Zach’s performances just are not very enjoyable for me. He does hard tricks, but it’s not a great performance.

Gentry stein does good performances. Vashek is amazing as well.

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Michael Nakamura and Magne Saetran.

The slacks that Magne can pull off are unreal.