Favorite pros?

I’m wondering who’s everyones favorite “pro” yoyoers are. My favorite yoyoers are Paul Dang and Mark Montgomery, mainly because they are the only yoyoers i can watch and get a funny feelin deep down. Quite honestly I probably wouldn’t still be yoyoin if it wasn’t for them. There style and grace makes me grin and the music they choose during comp or in videos is steller IMO. Paul Dang’s video for his yoyo the DANG is my favorite yoyo video by far, mainly because he just looks like the man in it and he uses one of my favorite songs. Someday i hope to meet these men, until then I will watch their videos and competitions in aw and hope to someday have a style comparable to them.

What about you guys? Who is your favorite?

There’s already a few topics like this, but anyways my favorites are Hank Freeman and Hiroki Miyamoto. I’m into 3a.

Yuuki Spencer has blown me away consistently since 2005. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to consider another player my favorite. John Ando comes kinda close, what with revolutionizing 1A and having basically the most unbelievably creative and visually appealing style I’ve ever seen.

As of late, I’ve been really impressed with Harold Owens, too. His BAC freestyle was pretty special.

Jensen kimmitt, nate sutter, and guy wright…

…nuff’ said

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:open_mouth: Canadians??? Loljk

Mine are Harrison Lee, Paul Han(!), Guy Wright, Jensen Kimmit, Vashek Kroutil, Sebastian Brock, Andre Boulay, Charles/ Chuck Haycock, Paul Mitchell, Ben McPhee, Petr Kavka, Jason Lee, Yuuki Spencer, Zach Gormley, Mark Mongomery, and Alexis (smiling french dude from SPYY).

Jensen, Andre, dan Dietz, Spencer are my favorites

Something bothers me, whenever I read these topics, I always see a common trend: Competitors.

Yoyoing is more then that, and there is quite a number of video makers out there doing their best to show their material to you all.

David molnar, ray godfroid, Petr kavka, Jensen kimmitt, I also love watching any and all 3A players, Hank Freeman, Anthony Rojas, Marcus koh, and that’s all I can think of


The thing is in order to be considered “Professional” you must be sponsored and I would say majority of people sponsored are competitors. That’s not at all a bad thing but that seems to be the only thing companies sponsor for nowadays. It sucks too cause there are tons of good players who don’t compete but will never get a sponsorship opportunity because of that.

Andre, Ma Yi, Peter Pon SI Yee, And Glenn Godsey.

guy wright

You’re actually one of my favourite Yoyoers and I’ve never seen or heard of you competing. :slight_smile:

What constitutes a pro? Is it someone who wins contests? Maybe someone with their name on a yoyo?

Oooh there are so many

Charles Heycock ,who just is amazingly smooth and Zach Gormley who is just has some crazy slack and tech, and Gavin Lent who probably most of you have not heard of but just has sweet tricks and is someone i have actually met and he taught me some tricks and just seems like a great guy.if you haven’t heard of him here is a video or two


How do players get sponsored

They be good at yo-yoing and are a nice person, well… It depends normally nice.

By not asking.