Who do you guys think the best yoyoer is?

I know some of you will say, “duh, the guy who won worlds”, but not all of the best players compete.

IMO Zammy Ickler is the best yoyoer.

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It depends on what day of the week it is. :wink:


and the weather


There is no best yoyoer.

Let’s fan some flames.

I’m not going to suggest Mickey(4 time 1A Worlds Champion) is the best, but he appears to nail it from an accolades point of view. I like the yoyos he designs, they work pretty good for me. I’ve also seen him doing videos in all 5 major styles, but of course, mostly 1A. He seems to be a well rounded player, although clearly he does focus a lot on 1A. Nothing wrong with that.

Let’s drag in Jensen Kimmitt, as no “best player” war is complete without him. Of course, judging him on as little as I’ve seen(worlds 2011 and 2010, CalStates I think 2011?), I gotta say his Worlds 2011 performance was absolute art. A beautiful, amazing, next level performance. And then he drops off the map. Best of luck to Jensen in his future, where-ever that my take him!

However, awards are not sufficient to really say who is best. I agree that some of the best players don’t even compete. I also feel that the new scoring and judging rules greatly benefit some of the better players who are simply not being rewarded because they aren’t string bangers.

I’ll single out Zammy. His unique style, regardless of if he is incorporating Mobius into it, is amazing to watch, at least it is in his performance videos. If we’re talking competition, he’s not doing the string hits thing, he’s going for flow and control and interesting formations. I think the guy just needs a swift kick in the butt to push him in the right direction AGAIN. Maybe Zammy isn’t competition material. Maybe he’s too far out there to be properly judged in a competition. Then again, there’s more than competing.

Having worked sound at CalStates in 2012, I was privileged to see Guy Wright perform in the finals. Just absolutely amazing. It’s like being hypnotized, you’re just drawn to him. Passers by stopped and just stared at his performance, which didn’t happen with anyone else.

My exposure to Auggie Fash is limited. I didn’t get to meet him at CalStates, but he was slammed with fans so no big deal. Auggie is his own little world. I’m not sure why he competes, other than he clearly enjoys entertaining. He did win the 1A division(I think, I could be wrong), but here’s a natural entertainer who clearly loves what he’s doing. He’s got that ability to draw in the audience and connect with them that many other players lack.

In closing, best isn’t a black and white issue. It’s subjective. I’m just listing a few based on my observations.

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Until someone comes up with an objective method that compares everyone and their skill at every style, every trick, etc., there will never be a best yoyoer.

Find who you like and try to learn from them. Don’t concern yourself with who is best.

And the music they freestyle to. And also what I’ve eaten that day.

Guy Wright for being a true artist. Christopher Chia for being so proficient. Too bad we wasn’t completely “on” at worlds. I think he could’ve placed 1st if he hadn’t messed up a few tricks.

There is no best, but some of my most favorites are these gentlemen:

Jensen Kimmitt- Not much to say here, lol.
Guy Wright- His style is insane and so uber smooth and flowing, and he really pushed tricks to what they are today.
Yuuki Spencer- Oh goodness, his skill is unmatched.
Augie Fash- Although he doesn’t seem to place first alot, I think he should, his style is awesome and fast and technical.
Hiroyuki Suzuki- The guy won worlds 4 times, on paper, he would probably be considered the best, but to me, this is not the case.
Paul Kerbel- Who did not see his Worlds performance? Oh my gosh, incredible.
Zach Gormley- So much talent at a young age.
Anthony Rojas- He just won DXL, if you haven’t seen him throw, go look him up right now he’s insane.
Zammy Ickler- Incredible thrower, as everyone pretty much said here.
Andre Boulay and JD- these guys don’t compete any longer, but they deserve to be recognized as they pushed yoyoing to what it is today



Ryota ogi stands for speed of flash.

Tatsuya fujisaka stands for flow of light.

Shinya kido stands for life of joy.

And yuuki Spencer, zammy , hiro irifune , guy wright, a guy use yyf monster( forgot his name) also give so many inspiration and art.

By the way , no one can compare with takeshi matsuura . His 1a 3a 5a are all world class. He is really born for yoyo performance.

Just to rustle some jimmies… Josh Yee! Our very own Jayyo!

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The names that always come to my mind first when asked this question are Spencer Berry, Yuuki Spencer, and Danny Severance.

But… Best is hard to define. Adam Brewster, Sid Seed are favorites of mine as well…

Augie has won plenty of big contests. BAC, Nationals, BLC, California State… (all multiple times if I’m not mistaken… but maybe I am.)

AUGIE FASH! his style is so smooth!

LOL. JROD you ARE my favorite thrower!! Well it’s a tie between you and Kenny Straus!

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This is a major honor to have happen even if it is on a yoyo forum. Really really appreciate that you think of me to such esteem! I was wondering what I was going to say to this and can’t really figure out “what” to say.

So thank you.



you have been by far my biggest inspiration in yoyoing. if it wasn’t for your videos, there is no way i would still be yoyoing, you have kept me going! thanks :slight_smile:


As previously mentioned: Danny Severance and Kenny Strauss are excellent. Danny is more enjoyable to watch throw than his brother, and K-Strauss is just the undisputed bad boy of the yoyo world.

Marcus Koh.