Pro Yo-yoers to show

I like to show my dad at how good yo-yoers can be and how entertaining it can be.
I’ve shown him Hiroyuki Suzuki and am going to show him Takeshi Matsuura… But…
what about 2a, 3a, and 4a pro yo-yoers that I can show him? He says it’s amazing, hehehehe… ;D

show. him. Kentaro. Kimura. NOW!!! best 3a ever!

Let me look! :0

Most impressive 4a I’ve seen

Honorary mention:

Wow thanks!
4A yo-yos sure are big…

This guy is a good friend of mine.

boom. he just blew your mind.

For 2a show him Shu Takada and Grant Johnson they rock! For 4a definitely ben conde.

Rei Iwakura is another great one to watch.


Don’t do Conde like that… :’(
Graeme’s pretty funny with his
or Steve Brown’s Worlds Performance from '07

I know you asked for other styles besides 1A, but if you haven’t showed your dad Jensen Kimmitt videos yet, or if you haven’t seen them, you’re missing out. He is often considered the best yoyoer of all time. His style is unmatched and his yoyoing is an art form in itself. I present to you world champion Jensen Kimmitt.

My favorite freestyle of all time… probably his least favorite for reasons we don’t need to talk about haha.

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Well I’m looking for one player that is the best out of all yo yo-ers or a couple of people like 1 or 3.
On each yo yo play this is right now:
(Before I’ve watched your vids):
1A-Hiroyuki Suzuki. Andre Boule???
2A-Shu Takada
3A-Kentaro Kimura
4A-Bryan Figueroa. Rei Iwakara
5A-Takeshi Matsuura
(Probably edit this)

Jensen is without a doubt in my mind the greatest yoyoer of all time. Seriously, watch all those and share them with your friends.

For 2A show him Shinji Saito, he’s arguably the greatest looper.

I for one don’t like Hiroyuki’s style at all and I defenitly don’t think he’s the best. There are many others that are more impressive then him

Shu Takada’s worlds anyone?

Ben conde

We already went through this. Ben was shown, and I made sure of it!

Ben Conde

A lot of people are saying Ben Conde o_O. Ok, thanks guys