Who Is Better

Not who you like better but who is the more talented and better yoyoer.

In my opinion, Hiroyuki has some good tech. But in all seriousness, it’s just a bunch of string hits that get him points. Jensen has real flow and style, and passion in his Yoyoing, again, in my opinion, making Jensen a better yoyoer.

They’re both talented in their respective ways.



  1. he’s faster than I have ever seen Jensen go, 2) he won worlds 4 times, 3) he has a better and cooler (imo) set of tricks.

Not to start an argument, but that is simply your opinion. And…

1)Just because someone’s faster doesn’t mean they’re better

2)Hiroyuki won more Worlds titles because his style is suited for competitive play

  1. And how is this not cool?

But this is simply my opinion and like I stated earlier, no one yoyoer is better than the other

when i see his contest videos i just see his hands and somthing bitween them
if he can go this fast and style-he is better(my opinion)

When I read “better” I read “more susceptible to win a contest”. That’s because I’ve always considered yoyoing as a sport, and based my vision of yoyoing on competition only. Therefore Mickey is clearly above.

But people often disagree with my concept of yoyoing. This needs to be defined in the first place, in order to have a common basis on which “better” can be defined.

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^ Well…he seems to have defined better as being “an opinion of who is the most talented.” We have to define talent individually. On that note, I’d have to agree, in my opinion, Hiroyuki Suzuki. No need to repeat the reasons. He always looks focused and polished on stage too…a class act.

But, apart from the yo-yoing talent, he’s a boss, a businessman, and great for the industry. Nice list of signatures he designed too…really has his act together, and I love seeing that. Hiroyuki is the man.

Mickey of course. Not a trick of Jensen’s he couldn’t do I suspect, however Jensen would have a hard time doing the hop, pop, and speed combos of Mickey. So yeah. If by better you mean more flow or whatever then it becomes a debate. The hype is clearly real though judging by the poll.

I really have not seen anything new out of Mickey in a long time. He has ridiculous speed, but that’s about it. His combos are old and not very innovative. Jensen on the other hand is constantly turning out new material. Also lets not forget Jensen beat mickey in 2010.

Please! This stopped working one and a half years ago.

Watch his freestyles for WYYC 2011 and 2012!
They are radically different.

Oh the subjectivity!

From a purely statistical point of view, Mickey is the greatest 1A player of all time. It’s not really fair to compare him to anyone on that basis.

I don’t think that’s a fair statement to make. Regardless of how judge-friendly your style is, you won’t win worlds even once without an incredible amount of talent. When something as small as a few small string misses can be the difference between 1st and 3rd, it all comes down to skill and consistency. All the speed and tech in the world won’t save you if you start making mistakes.

To win worlds even once is a testament to anyone’s skill. To win it 4 times is almost unbelievable.

Personally I find Jensen more enjoyable to watch. But skill wise, Mickey is Mickey…

Jensen Kimmitt and Harold Owens the 3rd are more enjoyable to watch. Their performances seem more artistic and you can appreciate them more because while they still go at a relatively fast speed, it’s nowhere as near as fast as Mickey’s.

Mickey is great and very impressive when you see it as far as speed goes, but aren’t we all thinking the same thing about Mickey right now? What is up with his blonde hair?! He looks weird now. He looks like Bart Simpson.

Also, Kimmitt could take Worlds anytime he wanted. He could have won in 2011 but decided to do an artistic performance instead of trying to please the judges. He is throwing for himself and because he enjoys it which is how yoyoing should be. I respect Jensen for this and Mickey is talented, but I believe that Jensen is more skilled.

Let’s not get carried away.

The first statement has yet to be proven.

I’m fine with Jensen doing artistic stuff, I couldn’t care less. But there is a division for that, and it’s not 1A Finals.

Lets just take a look at Worlds 2010. MR SWAGGY JENSEN KIMMIT scored 96.18 while Hiroyuki scored 79.75.

Clearly Jensen killed making him 133.3333333% compared to Hiroyuki. That my friends is called OVERPOWER

That’s one competition. Not only that, only one round of a competition. It’s the same concept of how I beat Chase Hadden at MN states prelims and then went on to get ninth while he got fourth. It doesn’t mean I’m better.

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True indeed. But yeah… Jensen is creative and techy. Hiroyuki just flows with the beats of music.

Speed + Skill • quicky quickness = Hiyoruki

Artistry + Flow + Performance= Jensen

Jensen is the boss of awesome
Hiyoruki is the king of expertise

Who is more talented?

I can’t gauge that by contest wins. It comes down to the defining nature of their play.

Mickeys top 3 placings since 2000:

2002 - 2nd
2003 - 3rd
2004 - 1st
2005 - 1st
2006 - 1st
2007 - 2nd
2008 - 2nd
2009 - 2nd
2010 - 2nd
2012 - 1st

Jensen Kimmitt’s top 3 placings since 2000:

2010 - 1st


Why is this even open for debate? I love Jensen as much as the next guy, but lets be real here.