Jensen kimmit performance 2010!


I guess it’s not just me who have seen that performance many times! Lol, and it all begins with the guy who says, “next one goin up” :smiley:

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No one is better than Jensen. No one. I don’t care what you say.


No one’s arguing with you man.


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Haha I realize that. Just stating fact lol


Probably should have worded that a little better. Should have said nobody is going to argue with you on that point. cue trolls


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Um I Argue. Peter Pong. Enough said.


I can watch it over and over again:D


haha a while back someone was arguing that markus koh was better in competitions than him (with his 2011 routine) and just to spite that guy I checked back to the results of 2010, and jensen kimmitt would still have killed the competition in 2011 and 2012 if he had used the same performance.


I like Marcus Koh’s 2011 Worlds freestyle. It was crazy and flashy and energetic but there were also quite a few mistakes (including one or two yoyo changes if memory serves). Didn’t make it any less entertaining and while it may not be as good as Jensen’s 2010 freestyle, it only had to be better than everyone else’s in 2011.


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Jensen scored a 96 thats almost 10 points higher than Marcus’

Jensen is the best ever


Jensen leaves?

Fill the void with Vashek Kroutil.

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That is a void that is impossible to fill.


*attempt to fill the void


now, I’m not quite sure, but it was my understanding that scores were relative, not absolute

Jensen’s 2011 FS is one of my favorite FS ever, and I’m very far from being a Jensen fanboy

But this year, Mickey just blew my mind (and also, I never was his biggest fan)

I think some up and comers have promising talent and I’m pretty sure the level will keep growing. When kids like peter pong grow up and become more mature, their style will also mature and they will blow our minds also. (I think he’s like 15 or 16 now and already one of the top players in 1A, when Jensen was his age, yoyoing as we know it today didn’t even really exist, it was just getting started)



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Rojas, Gormley, Haycock, bunch of other guys.


markmont? for real tho no one is better than anyone else when you get to that level


I loved both Jensen’s 2010 and 2011 freestyles. 2010 was just insane, and 2011 shouldn’t be considered a freestyle. To me, it was a work of art.


It is so exciting when there is a person to really get behind that is dominating the yoyo scene. BUT they always get asked way too much of themselves and it can be quite overwhelming.


I think Mickey’s Jap Nationals freestyle beats his Worlds one this year.

Pong is good to watch but I think he needs to slow down just a bit and cut down on those errors. I think that will come with a bit of maturity (he is only 16 at the moment).

There’s plenty of great young talent coming through the ranks right now. It’s a great time to be a yoyo player.