Best Freestyle Ever

What do you think the best freestyle you have ever seen is? I think I may have to go with the 2013 WYYC Janos Karancz. Absolutely amazing.

Either Jensen Kimmit 2010, or Ben Conde 2012.

EDIT: Forgot Paul Han’s EYYC 2012.

Wow. Never seen that before. I still pick Janos though.

I gotta say Jensen’s 2011 WYYC performance. He wasn’t out to repeat and take the prize 2 times in a row, he was out there making kinetic art.

He didn’t use up the time, came out with only one yoyo, nailed it flawless. Took 9th because he wasn’t in this for the points or the win, and yet, in my mind, blew away everyone else out there that day for the 1A finals division.


But the freestyle was kind of “meh” IMO.

It is way too hard to pick the best freestyle ever…gotta answer by style…

1A - Jensen Kimmitt 2010 WYYC
2A - Grant Johnson 2013 WYYC
3A - Patrick Borderding 2013 WYYC
4A - Ben Conde 2011 WYYC
5A - Tyler Severence 2013 WYYC

As you might be able to tell, I enjoyed myself very much at this year’s WYYC, LOL.

That freestyle changed everything.


Also, forgot about this:

Kentaro 2009 WYYC 3A


Totally agree with this.

And here in my opinion “best” freestyles. (

Christopher chias 2011 AP

Kazuaki sugimura 2011 JPN

I agree. Love me some JD. I just picked up throwing when grindslave, x the movie, and hitman final chapter came out! Talk about inspiration…  ;D

YYF did an amazing job covering EYYC 2011. Probably not some of the best freestyles ever, but definitely my favorite to watch. I really enjoy the camera angle, crowd, and overall quality of the event.

A lot of players brought their A game that day, too.

Tatsuya Fujisaka’s 2011 Japan Nationals routine

Jensen Kimmitt’s 2010 BAC performance

Harold Owens III’s 2011 US Nationals freestyle

I also really like Ahmad Kharisma’s AP 2013 routine, Peter Pong Si Yee’s 2012 Worlds freestyle, and Akitoshi Tokubuchi’s Japan Nationals 2013 performance.

Kimmitt’s 2011 WYYC wasn’t “flawless”… I counted at least 4 missed tricks. However, it was inspired and inspiring! An amazing example of his unique flow.

Kimmit worlds 11
Chia ap 11