What are your favorite yoyo freestyles, and why?

1st: Gentry stein 2012 worlds. He just is so serious, all in a days work, but the look on his face when he finished was priceless, a sigh of “i did it!”. AMAZING banger tricks, only 3 mistakes which were not obvious. Unique style, crazy good. Best competition winnignm(even if he got 2nd lol) freestyle ever!

2nd: Augie fash 2011. It had several mistakes, but who cares? Haters gonna hate. Augie looks like he loves what hes doing, and he smiles more than ann conolly. A true stage performer. Amazing fast, smooth slack style wiht lots of intricate chopstick tricks.

3rd: paul kerbel 2012 BAC. He tricks are just so immpossible. Even if he acually shouldve been disqualified, it was an amazing almost flawless freestyle.


His flow is glorious in this freestyle and matches the music so well!

Janos Karancz, 2013 EYYC:


Takahiro Iizuka, 2010 Worlds:  (the Youtube video got taken down-I found it on a Japanese video site through Google, but it just turns into a broken embedded video if I try to link it here)

I also really liked Mark Montgomery’s 2006 Nationals freestyle, but I haven’t been able to find it online for a while.  Same with Yuuki Spencer’s 2004 BAC freestyle.

IGU! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’ve been trying to find that for years. That’s the first freestyle I can remember putting in a lot of effort to try to learn some of the tricks he was doing. It’s great to finally see it again.

Zachs National win.
Jensens 2011 9th place finish.
Charles Cal States this year.
Many more but those ones stand out to me.

Besides Janos’ posted above here’s a few I really enjoyed:

Shinji Saito (1a) East Japan 2013 : Flow, swag and amazing tricks

Jensen Kimmitt (1a) Worlds 2011: Just wow…thats all I can say

Samm Scott (5a) 2011 Nationals: Awesome

Ben Conde (4a) 2012 Worlds: Not the cleanest but so much swag

What about Shu Takada?!?! He’s probably the most entertaining person I’ve ever seen onstage.

I command all of you to watch his 2012 world’s performance

This is why I love Ben Conde so much he’s not doing it just to win he does it to give the crowd a fun and enjoyable experience
Heres my favorite Ben Conde vid

Joey… wat r u doiin… joey stahp

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You must not follow me on Instagram or any other social media then! Haha…it a part of my vocabulary broski

My favorite player was mentioned in the original post.  Good ol’ Gentry Stein.  :wink:

I’ll have to make a shoutout to Kota Watanabe then.  The horizontal balancing stuff he does at EYYC 2013 Budapest is fantastic.  First time I saw it I was truly speechless.


EDIT: 500th post!  Woohoo  :slight_smile:

Wow, people on this thread have some good taste. Love that Augie one. Janos’s, and Chuck’s too. That Shinji one must be one of the best of all time. For my own that haven’t been posted yet, I’ve got to go with these:

Even though it is kinda simple and not the best, I still love it! This was probably one of the first freestyles I watched. Ladies and Gentleman, Carlos Braun!

Also if anyone could tell me what return top he was using that would be awesome!

Totally agree i was there to see Ben that day ! What a great kid he shows you how to have fun doing what you love no doubt !!

oh and my son has one of those bills he threw up in the air !!lol

Why so NEW???


Cause having fun, dats why.

Jeez what about Grant Johnson PNWR 2013 1A Finals? You have to watch it. For me, best freestyle of 2013, thank you very much. So happy to see Grant back.

I just watched this, and I wonder why you say he should have been desquilified? what part was illigal of the routine?

He shouldve been disqualified because the 2012 BAC rules said that you cant have the yoyo thrown until the music starts.