Best style ever.

Thats real flow and style right there.

My new fave 1A for sure.


Yes, yes, YES!!!

That was way good.

Dang! This guy is so smooth! His hair is pretty cool too. :wink:

He owns!


wow he must spend a heck of a lot of time on that to get it down so fast and smooth

Pretty awesome. Not my favorite style by far, but its still awesome.

EDIT: After watching it again, I dont see what the big deal is, yeah hes got cool moves, yeah he only messed up a few times, but other than that i dont see much going on here other than a good short routine. ???

the only way to yoyo to jazz and rap is to do it smoothly.

For me, I watched it and was just blown away by not just the smoothness, but the actual trick difficulty.

His tricks might not be the most crowd pleasing tricks, but when you take a close look at it, and see what he is doing, its truly amazing.

My fave combo was the one he started at :53 seconds.
The fluidity of that technical of a combo is very hard to achieve.

He is no John Ando or Yuuki for sure, but the trick difficulty, technicality, and flow, along with an awesome feel with the music, just equaled one of the best freestyles I have seen. (Even though its only 1 min)

Oh yeah and Steven! Yeah I know!
His hair is awesome. I love the whole azn/J-rock/anime styles of hair some people have, and his is just awesome.

I looked at the results of this guy’s 1A freestyle at worlds, and I guess he didnt do that well, but still. Amazing prelim.


he’s going super saiyan!(dbz reference)
anyways, i didnt think his tricks flowed with the song very well, but his actual trick itself looked amazing. jayyo was right when he said it wasnt a crowd pleaser but when you look at it hes got some quick slacks and sudden jolts that when you perform them yourself are amazing looking.

Thought i was the only one left who liked DBZ :wink:

And Jayyo, your right. Amazing.


I gotta disagree, J. I think its just a classic japanese speed play. I was really bored.


One of the reasons I liked his style a lot was it seemed to be much different than the common speed stuff many Japanese players do, (Although Japanese speed play is one of my favorite types of 1A for sure).

I guess we all have different thoughts on a players style.


Yeah, I’m with Joe on this one. The guy was incredibly smooth and his speed was great (good flow), I’ll give him that, but half of competing is in the performance. I just didn’t get a feel for it. IMO

I thought it was rather rushed. It didn’t seem natural, kinda choppy…

Yeah, at the end of the day, its all your preference. You like the speedy million string hit style, like yuuki, mickey and this guy, and I really like smooth complicated slacks and weird string patterns that JD, Whip, John Sekar and Guy Wright have. All are great players, but its just opinion on what you like best.

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Not to be necro but… :smiley:

I love Kenji (more in this freestyles)


He’s good, no doubt but i really get my inspiration from styles like this.

This is easily my favorite yo yo vid ever. Its called 1A43V3R (1Aforever for those of you that are number challenged. XD). This is two of my favorite players, John Sekar and the Duncan crew’s own Whip, at their best. Watch the originality and complex precision of Whip’s slack combo starting at 1:35. And If your jaw doesn’t hit the floor when you see John’s whip at 2:00 then you don’t truly know what happened. This is where I got the inspiration for my last couple of tricks and I have a feeling I’ll be drawing more inspiration from these guys for awhile.

That wasn’t really directed at you it was just a sort of “hey everyone, check this out.”  :slight_smile:

in peacefuls first video what was he spraying on his hand???

i think it was something similar to the chalk that gymnasts put on their hands before they take to the rings or uneven bars. it just reduces the fiction of the string on his hands.