Favorite 2013 Worlds Freestyles


So, what are your favorite freestyles from this year? I’ve got a good few, but I think my most favorite are Grant’s 2A and Eric Tranton’s 1A. Grant’s 2A is just amazing. He has such a powerful style and such little intricate wraps, along with just over all crazy big tricks. Eric’s freestyle was one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen. Amazing. Eric doesn’t seem to get much attention, but after such a strong 1A performance and a pretty dang good 3A freestyle, I think he’ll get more of the attention he deserves. What are your favorites?




My favorites are Ahmad Kharisma’s 1A, Michael Nakamura’s 4A, Kentaro Kimura’s 3A, Akitoshi Tokubuchi’s 1A, Zach Gormley’s 1A, and Paul Kerbel’s 1A.


Probably Noel’s.



Wow Grant was really good! Why did he shake his head “no” that one part though?


Paul Kerbel 1a! So good! He did a backflip :open_mouth:
And of course, Janos!


Tyler Severance. Janos was sick. Paul was sick.


1A: Janos Zach and Luis

2A: Haven’t watched any yet

3A: Hank Freeman

4A: Haven’t watched any yet

5A: Tyler and Petra


Even with all the drops and messups, i liked Ben Conde’s.


At around 1:15? I think it was supposed to be like, “Oh man, that was bad (like in the new sense of the word, like good… if you know what I mean),” or, “Man, that was just wrong (also meaning the same thing as bad in this case).” Also, there might be a dash of, “Yeah, that just happened,” in there. I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure it was something like that. Either way, that was my favorite part of the freestyle. :smiley:


Grant looked so intense, almost angry. I was sure he was going to go Hulk mode any second. It was sort of scary to look in to his face…

Oh, and Luis’ freestyle was awesome, but my favorite had to be Chia’s. 3rd last year, 2nd this year, you know what that means next year! :wink:


dead last?


this was my first time … so like EVERYONE that got on stage was just freaking amazing …

so much talent… how can you just choose a few ?

Worlds was amazing!!!


I liked Zachs a lot haha. Nakamuras 4a.

It’s was amazing


In terms of the live experience… Grant Johnson, Eric Tran-Ton (both divisions), Christopher Chia, Ky Zizan, Janos (duh), and Luis Enrique. The 1A and 3A divisions this year were better than I’ve ever seen them.

For the alternative freestyles: Chuck, Nate Sutter, and Jensen were probably the best. Honorable mention to Steve Brown’s commentary.

(Jei Cheetah) #16



The cool thing with Ben Conde is that his performances are rarely clean, but he still goes for the riskiest tricks and all this flashy stuff. He knows he will have points deducted, but he still goes for it to give off an amazing performance for the audience. And he is many people’s favorite offstring yoyoer because of his risky style.


I really like Zach’s, Grant’s, and Luis’.

Oh, and Petr and Tyler’s.

(kclejeune) #19

Zach was great. John Narum’s were sweet…


Ben Conde’s performance in the fixed axle battle was the most amazing performance I’ve ever seen.