My favorites, post yours

(JonasK) #1

Worlds this year was awesome. There are some people complaining on the judging instead of just enjoying the great freestyle videos. So what if Jensen didn’t win, I don’t care, and I don’t think either of you should do either. Worlds was packed with lots of great performances. I am no judge, but I’ll let the judges do their job and then sit here in front of my computer and thin the exact same thoughts. If the judging was different and Jensen won, I would still like Shinya’s freestyle better than his. You can judge whichever way you want to, but the freestyles remain the same.

Let’s share the love for freestyles instead of expressing the hate some of you may have towards the judging. I have picked my three favorite freestyles and you can pick and post as many as you want. And even though mine are just 1a, you can pick whatever freestyle(s) you like the best.

I’ll start with my definite favorite, Mark Montgomery. I’ve expressed my thoughts on this man so many times, and I’ll do it again with pleasure. I really like his style, just the way things move, reminds me of art. It’s like his tricks are making a painting. In addition to that, he has great contact with the crowd and it always looks like he’s having a lot of fun. He did several mistakes and is not too happy with his own freestyle, but he is my definite favorite. Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Montgomery!

Now for my second favorite. This guy hasn’t been a really noticed player until recently. He just showed up in the CLYW pro team. He is bringing a creative French touch to yoyoing. He has an amazing style packed with creative tricks, cool looking whips and a wicked flow. If you have not guessed who I am talking about already, then get ready to be amazed. I bring you, ladies and gentlemen, 13th place in the 1a division, Hadrien Bennaceur!

Let’s move on to my third favorite. He has some amazing slacks, but did mess up a lot. He is already the current national champion in the US and has the full right to wear that title with pride. His tricks are really creative and oh so amazing to look at. Ladies and gentlemen, 8th place in the 1a division, Eric Koloski!

Here’s some people I also liked a whole lot:

-Chris Fraser
-Shinya Kido
-Alex Berenguel
-Anthony Rojas

Now post some of your favorites!

Addment: Also no complaining about the judging or other people’s favorites. This is a matter of personal opinion about the freestyles and the players, the judging and other members’ favorites are nothing to care about.


I totally agree with the judging thing. The commercial about sportsmanship with the guy that goes to a basketball game and talks smack on the refs and then gets laughed at when he’s playing comes to mind.

And I also agree with a few of your favorites. Although his freestyle was somewhat similar to some of his others, I think Mark Montgomery did astounding. Mickey was clean, but not that impressive. Jensen was good, just wasn’t clean at all so that’s why he didn’t get placed very well, not because of the judges. I didn’t get to watch it live, but the 3a finals were pretty insane. All top 3 were so crazy awesome. 2nd place only had one mess-up that I could see and only 2 for 3rd place. Such a good time for that.


No particular order.

(JonasK) #4

I want more people in this and more explaining why you like exact freestyles. Let’s have fun!


Oh sorry. I liked Mark’s because it was pretty clean also. His brain twister combos as just…woah. Also, his other tricks were awesome. Not too difficult (which is why I don’t think he placed very high) but still not easy and awesome.

(JonasK) #6

It wasn’t really that clean. Mark said himself that he messed up. He just has a lot of old tricks, that might give some deduction. But then the guy just graduated. I still love his freestyle. And I still need to figure out that arm trick.

(Mitch) #7

Im throwing this one out there because I’ve never been a fan of 3A… I always though it was boring to watch but had respect for the players because of their skill… I watched this just because it was posted with JM’s post with Kentaro and Tyler and I had to watch somthing while I waited for the other to buffer…

This FS was AMAZING!!! Probably my favorite of all of them!! replayed this soooo many times… Just how well Kentaro moves is amazing! Right from the duel flop in the beginning I was hooked… This video really gave me more love for the style of 3A

And then this one…

Im posting these two together…

Augie’s my favorite player and I love his 5A… He doesn’t do the crazy techy 5A but its almost like… Look what I can do! And he always brings soooo much energy he probably sweats adrenaline… The arials are great, the grinds rock, and its aways like man… Whats moving faster? the yoyo or the cw?

And the dancing isn’t half bad either lol


Reasons coming later, but this FS is the only one that mattered to me:


I really liked takoma inoa (spelling???) his sideways helicopter was CRAZY!!! Kentaro kemura’s (spelling??) FS was insane (there really is no other way to describe it) Miggies was good, I don’t normaly like his style but his FS was really good. Augi’s prelims was nice, and i liked sterling quinn’s to.

I can’t think of any more right now but i’m sure I will
EDIT: I really liked vashek’s, I hve always loved his style but he didn’t make as many mistakes this time.

(JonasK) #10

I think this is the first time I actually bump something.

I wantzZz moar freestlyezZz!

(Saur) #11

Augie’s was definitely one of my favorites… just so amazing.

(Eleazar) #12

My Favorite, This is also the guy on the 888 vid.

(JonasK) #13

Yeah Vashek was awesome.

Still, me wants reasons why you liked them. And what you think about them.

(Jesse) #14

Mine were definitely Tyler’s 5a and Kentaro’s 3a.

(Eleazar) #15

Well one reason that I like him is because he seemed to have copy off of some of my tricks. I met him at the IYYO and I showed him some of my tricks. And there’s just something about the way how his tricks flow and how they move through and around him that I just love.

(marcusWsteadman) #16
Sweet huh? :slight_smile:

(Mark) #17

Shinya Kido (Not because he won but because of his attitude.)

Chris Fraser (Very interesting style)

More but too many to list.