The best yoyoing ever!!!

These are without a doubt the best freesyles of all time. Enjoi.

1a: Jensen Kimmit-CLYW-Peak

2a: John Ando-YYF-Loop 900

3a: Kentaro Kimura-YYF-Superstar

4a: Lim Aik Hwee-Duncan-Hayabusa

5a: Tyler Severance-YYF-Severe

I don’t agree. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Jayyo would have a really good opinion on this though.

Well, I guess we’re all entitled to our own opinon, I just thought I’d share mine.

I would like to hear what Jayyo says though.

I think the “best” is all preference. What you see as flawless could be seen as common place or boring to some. I would agree those free styles are excellent, but in my opinion aren’t the best. And I’m sure that almost every other persons version of this post would be different. I don’t want to sound like a jerk it’s just my 2 cents.

For myself, my favorite freestyles of all the styles are:

5A:Shingo Terada worlds 08 5A. He used a freehand zero and did not even bring up a back-up yoyo. Thats awesome right there.

4A: Shane Karan Nationals 07 4A.
Using a bigyo, such a good freestyle.

3A: Hiroki Miyamoto worlds 2008.
His style is so unique.
I love it!

2A: Junya Yamamoto EJ? 05 2A.
He had my favorite style of 2A. He stopped yoyoing for a while but I noticed him in Rei’s 2009 Japan Nats video. So I hope he makes a come back!

1A: Jason Lee Nationals 2001 1A.
SO ahead of its time. Really smooth, will forever be known as one of the best 1A freestyles of all time.

In my opinion.

That 2a freestyle was beautiful. Like stunningly

Thank you Jayyo, 'cause you just showed me my neew favorite 2a fs!

I’m diggin that 5A jayyo.
Maybe because it’s my favorite song, or the fact hes using that responsive FHZ.

i got to meet shane karen this year on the boardwalk he was sooooo nice and good at 1a,2a,4a,and 5a very talented

the 2a video was amazing Jayyo but this is my favorite

oh, my goodness, those are true beauty. :o