Favorite Freestyles of 2010.


Hey guys and gals of the yoyo community. I was wondering what some other peoples favorite freestyles of 2010 were and why they liked them. Please post video. You can choose freestyles from any contest in any country but also post why you like the freestyles you picked. You can post multiple times if you want.

Sterling’s Worlds 5a FS was really insane. Takeshi did amazing and took the cake but Sterling’s tricks are my personal favorite. He is so creative and has VERY complex 5a tricks and movements. His tricks just have a depth matched only by Tyler Severance in my personal opinion. Takeshi’s style is cool, but it just scores really well, and I think Sterling has more depth to his tricks.

Yuuki, Yuuki, Yuuki. He is my favorite 1a player for so many reasons and the list keeps growing with every new freestyle he puts out. Like Sterling, his tricks have a lot more depth than many other players I have seen, and I love how his style has evolved throughout this and previous years.

I dont Know why I love this awesome FS. It is just really good composition and movement throughout. Alex has a very interesting and constantly evolving style, and I like it.

Possibly more to come. Please post!


well this is just awesomelyunexplainable

(Jei Cheetah) #3

This just made my whole year. I can’t think of any other freestyle that just makes this year of yoyoing epic.



Most entertaining 5 minutes of my life.


[quote=Hiroyuki Suzuki]It’s fresh, you know.

(Chase Baxter) #7

And Yuuki Spencer at 2010 Worlds but I didn’t post it since someone else already did.


yeah i mean isnt he just AMAZING BTW what yoyo is he usin iam pretty sure its not L4 but what is it he used L4 on 2009 and it was having a special color spinning cuz of it being white /blue. red .purple this one dont so its not L4 but then again what is it?


i like jensen kimmitts 2010 worlds routine

(SR) #10

Everything Jensen Kimmitt and Yuuki Spencer.


i take back what i post. i mostly agree with everything jensen and yuuki did.


One my favorite freestyles ever:


this one

and this one

so much fun in the second one

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Luo Yi Cheng is using a Jazz-Yo x Yo-Cats Regulus

Mine is



yup i figured that out some one told hahaha but thanks any way


i know i posted two already but i just  got to see this and it was wicked


Vashek Has such a sick style. Thar Sever3 looks a lot smaller than 2010. Maybe 54ish?


maybe and yeah vashek is insane