Iconic and inspiring freestyles/yoyo videos.

What are some iconic and inspiring freestyles or videos? I’m curious to think what other people think.


In before anyone else.

One of the best of all time.

One if the best! Personally, I would much rather watch his 2011 than his 2010. But that’s just me.

One of my all-time favorite videos.

Love Yuuki’s flow, and of course Ann’s smile always makes me happy  ;D


I like where yuuki’s come. His evolution is amazing!!!

I’ve watched this video 4 times today. Only one was because of your post. It’s amazing!

OOOO and this:

Shinji is the best!

Love all these.

Those are two of my favorite freestyles. I could watch them all day.

Pretty much any England1414 videos from 2010-2011 ar iconic… to me at least :stuck_out_tongue: