Favorite freestyle of all time

What’s your favorite freestyle of all time? Mines Jensen Kimmit World Yoyo Contest 2010. What’s yours, post on this Thread.

definitely augie fash’s boss video (does that count as a freestyle?) and gentry stein’s 2013 nats



Augie Fash’s 2009 National Performance. My very first contest and my instant favorite pro.

Zach Gormley 2012 nats. Absolute Perfection. and Gentry 2013 Nats. Blew me away.

Jensen 2010 Worlds
Jensen 2011 Worlds
Zach Gormley 2013 Worlds

Jensen 2011 worlds
John Narum 2013 worlds

Christopher chia 2011 Asia pacific. And also Hiroyuki’s freestyle from that same competition holds a special place in my heart because it got me started yoyoing.

This is probably my favorite freestyle of all time just for the fact this video got me started.

Now he’s like 5x better.

Jhon Ando Worlds 2008.
And JD worlds 2003, that one is still awesome to date.

Janos’s worlds freestyle 2013.

I was there that day watching from the side. There had been a lot of really good ones, but at the end of Gentry’s the crowd went nuts