Best Freestyle Ever


Paul kerbel wyyc 2013 Janos wyyc 2013 ken taro 2009 3a wyyc tatsuya fujasaki 2011 Japan nationals

Jensen kimmit 2010 and 2011 at worlds.

my favorite 3a of all time

I rewatched it yesterday after I posted the link. I do remember seeing errors, but I didn’t count them. It was more of a “oh, there’s an mistake”. Off the top of my head I recall at least 2, but I know I noticed more than that.

Teach me how to Shinji! One of my favorite freestyles

Did he have one responsive and one unresponsive? Or did he not his bearing on one of them?

Other than that, amazing performance.

1A - Jensen Kimmitt Worlds '10
2A - Shinji Saito AP '11
3A - Kentaro Kimura Worlds '09
4A - Ben Conde Worlds '11
5A - Tyler Severance Worlds '09

Take it back to the old school

And this one too

That was amazing!

I don’t know from 4A, but the performance in that link was indeed amazing. My favourite 4A ever. :wink:


That was absolutely incredible, and I’m not even a big 4A fan. A flawless performance… O_O

Also one of my favorites. Such a good freestyle…

My top favorite has gotta be Sebby’s 2011 WYYC freestyle. That just changed my whole outlook on yoyoing when I first saw it. One of the most creative and original players of this age, in my opinion.

Patricks 2013 worlds one.

I can’t not think of this one fondly:

Mickey’s freestyle from '05. I was 10 the year I saw that video, and it inspired me so much. I ended up taking seventh in state that year because I based my freestyle around it.


Yuuki “speed” worlds freestyle.
Jensen’s “silence” and his winning worlds freestyle.

Sebby’s nationals winning freestyle.
Harold’s nationals winning freestyle.

Luis’ BAC’s winning freestyle (he should’ve won hands down btw)

those of the top of my head.