What was your favorite Freestyle of 2014!?

I know YoYo News had made a poll but there was soo many i enjoyed this year!

Personal Favorites (in no order of importance)

Evan Nagao Nationals
Paul Kerbel Worlds
Shinji Saito IYYC
Takeshi Matsuura NJ
Andrew Maider Nationals
Gentry Stein Worlds
Zach Gormley Nationals
Tessa Piccillo Worlds
Eric Koloski VA States
Ky Zizan LVO
Grant Johnson LVO
Jason Lee BLC
Yuuki Spencer 44 Clash (assuming was epic LOL)



ky zizan lvo

I fully agree… Ky was firing on All Cylinders. He was Smokin!

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Haha that’s what I was wondering also, you put your own freestyle as one of your favorites? Nothing wrong with that but still…

hey that FS was the best!
espceially sinced he used a catch 22


Ryota Ogi JN
Takeshi Matsuura JN
Carlos Braun EU
Iori Yamaki AP
Zach Gormley NC

i thought shinji at iyyo was unassailable. i thought it was the best of his i’ve seen, and his best make up many of the most jaw-dropping ever. ky at vegas and zach (& evan) at nats probably made me feel happiest and most jazzed about yo-yoing, but i thought shinji in orlando was on a level all his own.

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Marcus Koh’s AP freestyle.

Jensen at BAC

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Ky. Freakin. Zizan. nuff said