Favorite freestyle from 2018 National Yo-Yo Contest?

(André Boulay) #1

This years National Yo-Yo Contest was amazing. The level of competition unreal. The amount of man hours people put into construction of their freestyle, tricks, choreography, and straight out practice must have been the highest it has ever been for a contest in my opinion!

With that said - we all know @Evan_Nagao had an AMAZING freestyle - who else did you enjoy watching?

If you haven’t seen them yet playlist is up here:


My favorite freestyle was Kcoops, tylor, shane semi, blaisesemi

(André Boulay) #3

I was also really blown away with everything about Ethan Cheung - not only was the choreography and presentation amazing but he actually MADE the song! So much talent!


ayo, my favorites were keiran, blaise, pcans, becko and ethan. i also really enjoyed watching all of 5a and Owen’s routine specifically- hyped to see more cool X div this worlds!


(patrick canny) #6

I really liked Channo and @Gentry_Stein !

(Ken) #7

I’m rly impressed want to say my favorite freestyle was Gentry’s. I’m not at all a fan of him, however, I praise him for all the hard work he put into making all those new tricks! :slight_smile:


mah full list:
gstein. edge. dj1.flaherty. n8gr8. peCan(n). becko. joeymontana. channo. bergy. shlubes.

but ill just link dis one:

(Former National 4A Champion) #9

I was really glad to see Chandler hit a smooth freestyle. He started 1A finals off with an insanely high bar.


I really enjoyed Ethan Cheung’s freestyle. His tricks are great and are very exciting to watch, though my favorite part of it all is that he used jazz music. It is kinda nice to see someone use a different genre of music than everyone else’s, but I also really enjoy jazz too. Congrats to all those that did well though, they were all enjoyable to watch!


LOL I just discovered he did it to Freebird though … a bold choice :eagle:

(Priyanka) #12

Nate The Great! :+1:t4::fire::clap:


The best had to be Evan Nagao’s!

(Zammy Ickler ) #15

Personal favorites were:

Chandlers- he had this tremendous “attitude” on stage during his freestyle. He was vicious, in his movement and trickset you could tell he was truly trying to make a statement on stage of saying “I am the best and will win”. I loved it.

Shane- The hometown hero and one of the main Midwest people. He didnt even have a freestyle for finals and still made it! So for what he did on stage with less than a days worth of practice truly showed how good he was. He made that stage his, and his alone. His swagger oozed on staged.

P-Canny- Canny has such incredible skill with timing, where his movements are precision to the beats, very graceful. He put on quite a show with what he used for music, his trickset shined his personality amazingly well and of course…he used pirates of the carribean music. EVERYONE marked out hard in the crowd for that, the energy was alive!

Tylor- My personal favorite out of all of them. He was another one of those “I will own the stage” but his movements and trickset was less aggressive than Chandlers. His music was slow, soothing and incredibly artful. Full of soul and chill. He did EXACTLY what he wanted to do on stage which was to showcase more of his technical string manipulating abilities (tech) vs what every other player was doing. It was beautifully done and easily one of the best technical freestyles around.

Just my two cents.

(Richard) #16

Definitely Evans

(Zakai) #17

I personally enjoyed Angelo Aguirre’s prelim.


Blaise’s semi or final

(????????? ??????) #19

Loved Evan and Gentry’s final