Favorite contest performance.


What is yours? Mine is probably Gentry’s national 2013…

(Erik Kerber ) #2

Gentry’s worlds performance was amazing!

But a lot of Ben Conde’s 4A freestyles are up there as well.


I think Gentry’s Worlds entry was absolutely the best!


He so perfectly in sync with the music!


I’m looking foreword to seeing what he does at nationals this year…

(Erik Kerber ) #6



Evan Gronberg - 2014 Georgia States

It was unbelievable and I was there.


I also liked evan nagaos


gave me chills


Truly unbelievable tricks, I can say with certainty, this video is what has made me so interested in slacks, whips, picture tricks, and rejections.  I’m not sure I would do so many of these types of tricks if I hadn’t been introduced to this video.


Amazing tech, beautiful style, perfect speed, this is truly the best freestyle of all time. It conveys emotion and puts the viewer into a state of focus like no other. It is art.


amen brotha



Odd music tho




If you listen to the music with good headphones, it really echoes a message and adds to performance. A bit odd, yes