Favourite Worlds Freestyle?

What was your favourite freestyle at worlds?

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You mean besides Takeshi?


I really enjoyed Nate Daily’s freestyle. Love the way he just kinda flows, always having the best time on stage.

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Hajime’s 4a finals routine was mind blowing!

Takeshi’s 1A semi-finals also was outstanding.

Evan just makes me happy to watch. So glad to see such joy and emotion and payoff. Hats off to everyone who even competed.


Definetly Takeshi’s, Keiran’s and Evan’s on 1a
Akira and Shu were bangers in 2a
Alex, Thawhir and Hajime were my top in 3a
4a Hajime and Tsubasa for sure
Sora and Hideo were my top on 5a
Tbh it’s really hard to choose, I have mad respect for everyone who made prelims, semis and finals, they all are highly skilled players and I find it hard to choose only 1 favorite!


4 that stood out over all the rest for me were Takeshi, Hajimes 4a, Yuki, and Shu

Takeshi was just Takeshi, Hajimes soloham was insane, Yukis super underrated, nobody expected him to make top 3 and even after he did he’s still not talked about much because of Evan, Takeshi, and Hajime overshadowing him, and Shu was just the most interesting and fun freestyle to watch.

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Freestyle playlists for anyone who hasn’t watched all of them yet! Haha. :wink:

1A Finals:

2A Finals:

3A Finals:

4A Finals:

5A Finals:


So clean. Amazing dancing.

Extremely diverse style. Really well-thought out tech with insane bangers.

Best pacing in 1A.


havent watched them all yet, but thus far:

Wildcard: Clint Armstrong
Prelims: Andrew Maider, Zichen Liu (jason)
Semi-Finals: Takeshi Matsuura, Matthew Wing Fai Poon, Zichen Liu (jason)
Finals: Evan Nagao (duh) Takeshi Matsuura, Gentry Stein, Chen Yang, Kieran Cooper

In general everyone was so freakin good!!! <3