Hiroyuki Suzuki

Heya people, I think Mickey is REALLY gonna win worlds. He has definitely improved from worlds 2008. He must’ve learnt his lesson after these 2 years of loosing worlds. When I saw this video, i was amazed.
Its kinda strange how I am usually not amazed by Mickey. But this video amazed me. Lets hope he wins  ;D And if you don’t hope…


Lets see what Yuuki and Ando do at worlds ;D

P.S. This is nats right? or is it Central or East or something?

I don’t care about any of the people you mentioned.

Jensen Kimmitt is gonna bring it. 8)

I agree, but it will be hard for him to beat Mickey.
I wish I could go to worlds!

Hiroyuki is going to beat Kimmitt! My favorite player! And song…

Idk man, i never really liked mickey’s style, I think Jensen is gonna place 2nd or 3rd, I like sebastian’s style more then jensen and I heard Yuuki isn’t going to worlds :’(

Yes Rsmod123, that is Japan national yoyo contest.

Happy Throwing! =]

He wasn’t asking.

Oh, my bad…

Happy Throwing! =]

Wasn’t he?

This reminds me of that one contest way back about guessing who was going to win worlds. I was the first to guess Mickey. Samad was the first to guess Jensen.

Nah, Alex Berenguel eats Jensen Kimmits and his Marmots for breakfast…
and lunch and dinner. 8) He’ll be using one of my tricks at World’s. He just walked
up and asked to learn one. No kidding. Thanks Alex! ;D

Shut up you poo :stuck_out_tongue:

Alex is awesome but doesn’t stand a chance at winning worlds… John Pwned him at MN states and everywhere else and Jensen can Pwn John and Mickey and Pwn Jensen…

The Circle of life.

Yeah Kim, That’s what I thought though…

Happy Throwing! =]

Ugh, I need to get some sleep. Sorry guys.

I’ve alway liked his sideways play… It was a Mickey video that first got me into yoyoing!

Are there any vids of Ando and Yuuki from JN09?

But when it comes to worlds I still have hopes for Augie…

I really don’t think that Ando and Yuuki participated in JN09. Not sure though, can someone else tell us if they did?

I don’t think that Yuuki participated.

If Tatsuya shows up with his new stuff, he has a high chance of winning I think.

Crazy 1A player.

His Japan Nationals freestyle was insane.

Mickey is probably the most likely though.


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