WYYC 1a Results!


3rd: Chris Frasier, an amazing player, hes gone so far.
2nd: For the 3rd time in a row, Hiroyuki Suzuki!

And first place

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I knew he was going to do well! Once I saw his 2008 IYYO performance, I was thinking he had a chance. And when I saw his 2008 WYYC performance, I knew he would do well this year. Congrats to everyone!


Mickey let us down!


Not me. I knew he wouldn’t win, but he didn’t lose to the people I suspected.


Darn, Mickey failed again. Oh well, getting second isn’t bad, at least Mickey beat Jensen.

So all our predictions about Jensen, Ando and Yuuki were wrong.


Ando just dropped out completely. Jensen choked. And Yuuki didn’t make it. So sad.

But, if you think about it, 2 of those players DID beat Mickey before, and that counts for something.


I just find it funny how Mickey keeps getting 2nd for some reason. It was kinda expected :o

(Mitch) #7

Im so depressed… The two players I had the MOST hope for didn’t even make it to the finals…

Im talking about Augie and Yuuki of course


mickey beat yuuki more than yuuki beat him


Yeah, but most of the time Yuuki didn’t try hard. When he WANTS to win, he will.


If you saw the countdown blog, Yuuki seemed to be trying hard. He did seem to wana win :o


Jensen no win? ??? >:( :frowning: :’(


4th place I believe. I heard he choked bad.


man i wish yoyoing was on t.v

(ThRoW-b0t) #14

Yeah, but i mean honestly, I think that mickey is one of those players who could win it everytime, but it would kinda take the fun out of the sport if they gave it to him every single time. Im not saying he’s deserved it these past three years (that would make 6 firsts for him if he did, right?) but its kinda like the 72 dolphins. Or like watching 30 steven spielburg flicks. After a while, when the same person wins it kind of makes the whole ordeal lose its luster.

(Chris Allen) #15

100% of all the results are here


I’m kinda ticked off at the judging. I mean Alex Burenguel had a way better performance than Jensen and lost to him? Now I know how to judge so I know what I’m talking about. I also think Mickey deserved 3rd. I think Chris fraiser should of had 2nd. Mickey’s stuff is always the same but this time he had a LOT of Yuuki’s 07 freestyle in there.

I guess if you can beat em then copy them.


When they called Mickey for 2nd, he looked so “I’m too cool for 2nd”.

When Chris got called for 3rd that was a great moment :slight_smile:

(Mitch Ginder) #18

Mark got robbed In my opinion, even though it came down to points.

But it is really cool that Chris did so well, I got to hangout with him at ISYYC

(JonasK) #19

Mark Montgomery’s freestyle was amazing as usual. It’s just something with the way is tricks are built. The moves are just, just, man I can’t find a word.

(SR) #20

To bad Jensen didn’t make it… I am sad, LOL.