Yoyoers to the future

Hi guys,
Tell me what professional yoyo players do you want them to win the contest in the future?

Happy Throwing! =]






Did I mention Guy Wright?

Hiroyuki Suzuki or Andre Boulay for Worlds!

André judges. Mickey doesnt have a chance IMO

No, he will win.

He lost twice. He lost one point to spencer, but beat 3rd place by like 20 points. He lost 2 points to ando, but beat the 3rd by at least 15 points… He won’t lose this time. Unless he misses all his whips like last year, Hiroyuki WILL WIN!

I don’t know if I can agree with that, I’ve watched him over the last few years, and his routine is getting old. It’s pretty much the exact same thing every time. I have seen way more inovative tricks and routines by other players. I love Mickey and look up to him, but if he wants to have a shot, he needs to change things up and make some new tricks.

lols his routines may be old, but they can score him 100 points if he doesn’t fail (2007 and 2008 worlds). He repeats tricks, but those are his signatures, and some of them even give him 20 straight points if he succeeds them. Thats why he does it, to get maximum points. If he doesn’t fail for 1 routine, he wins the competition.

While that may be true, I must offer my 2 cents.

Notice why Ando won? Because he did things no one has done yet. Mickey may be able to score points, but you may notice tricks people are doing now are harder. Because of this, they get more points after the trick due to how difficult it was. If Mickey is doing tricks one year, and the next year he does it, it is easier compared to the other person, who did a new thing. Therefore, Mikey gets less points.


I have to say Erik Koloski. Anyone with me?


well I wish andre could win but he judjes so now in with mikey

Augie, and Jensen

I’m so with you. I mean have you seen his 08 nationals performance:

Or the more recent MA states:

YEP! and for 4A John Narum!!

Im not a big fan of Eric I have always thought that his tricks were too slow. And they all are variations of the same trick.

Mickey may do ok but if Andre was playing hed kill’em all. But hes a official master and masters arnt aloud to compete.

but some national masters actually participate in Artistic Performance o.0 are you sure they aren’t allowed? Takahiko Hasegawa participated in Asia Pacific 2008 4a prelims lol

I also throw my vote for Augie, I’ve only met him once, but he seems to be one of the funnest and nicest guys you’d ever wanna meet. And his speed is amazing. He’s a great performer to boot.

Augie For 1A!!!

My vote is for Augie, He just has a good time and smiles.

wait isnt andre is a natinal master which means he cant compete in the nats but cant he be in the worlds?

I guess I am the only one to kinda want luo yi cheng to win soon. His last routine was absolutely wonderful.

and I also would be happy if Guy Wright won.