My eye just popped out of my head...

Japan Nationals baby!!!

Who will win? 8)

Man these are two of my favorite throwers, but I say Yuuki will make something brand new like he always does!

Very Hard to choose…but I will go with John Ando

HIROYUKI SUZUKI!!! Hey, its possible if he participates, right?

John Ando!

Hahahaha, “Same Thread”…

I saw it in YYN!


I know you just post it here so that people can know here.


Great post Samad!


Yuuki, I want to see what he does this year.


Yuuki is much better in my opinion. More fluid and has a better developed style.

Yuuki will win. Ando is better in 2a.

Lol i think Mickey’s gonna get 3rd, Ando 2nd and Yuuki 1st.

I really don’t like Mickey. :-\ But I think Yuuki will win! :o

Yukki is a 2a player right? :stuck_out_tongue: I think you’re talking about Yuuki ;D

But i really have high hopes for mickey.

Sorry, easy mistake to make, my bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ando. He has that flare that outshines Yuuki.



whoo-hoo! GO MICKEY!


And did you guys notice Yuuki’s yoyo isn’t spinning?

And thats a sweet picture of John

I agreewith smoke, Yuuki rocks but I love Ando’s pic.

I have a VERY high feeling that only Ando and Yuuki are competing.
It is supposed to be a 1 vs. 1 battle, that is why they made that picture.