John Ando Vs Yuuki Spencer


check it!

Sponsored by YoYoFactory and Central Bearing Company. For more Yuuki and John action checkout  ‘Undeniable’ the 1st YoYoFactory DvD coming this FALL.

(Bradley Moss) #2

my head just exploded… 2 of my favorite players in one video… just… wow…

(Mitch) #3


I was never a big Ando fan untill now and Yuuki is still bringing it strong! This is awesome…


Wow, they became stronger yoyoers.

Hapy Throwing! =]

(Shisaki) #5

Yuuki wins :o


I must say, I would think that Yuuki won. However, because he knotted his yoyo I’m not sure.

(AudienceOfOne.) #7

Yuuki was speedin
but Ando was fluid

(Johnny T) #8

Wow. Both my favorite players. Hmmm…hard to choose. But I would go with Yuuki even though his messed up naer the end.

(Chris Allen) #9

Vote on it!


Ando is great but Yuuki still pwns.


Ando ftw!!!

Happy Throwing! =]


John Ando all the way!


2:34 and 2:53 were my all time favs! I love his whips!

Ando, definitely. He got faster and upgraded his current tricks.


I like John Ando’s the best.

Speed means nothing!

(Shisaki) #15

Not to sound mean but speed does mean something. If Ando went super slow at 1 trick a minute he would’nt even make it to the 2nd round. I’m justs saying.


Speed does mean something but here’s a question:

Who would you give more points to?

A person with great speed but misses his tricks a lot or a slower person but lands his tricks with great fluidity?

(Shisaki) #17

Well, Yuuki did not miss a lot of tricks, only 2 or 3. And if Ando went that fast he would probably mess up too. If Yuukiw ent that slwo he would gotten the same results as Ando or maybe even better. I give my points to Yuuki, he went fast and it amazed me even though he messed up a bit.


I think ive seen that same Yuuki performance before… didn’t it win him first in his 1A freestyle at the 2007 worlds?

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #19

I don’t think so, the tricks he did in that vid were more difficult IMO. At 1:12 It looked like the yoyo broke of the string and at 5:08 ( I think) That trick hurt my eyes :wink:


John Ando nearly does the same routine every time…

And yet, he always either places 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

Same thing.