Hiroyuki Suzuki, and John Ando

Seen it…

I dont think John Ando should have one, I like “Mickey” better. John Ando just moves around too much, and it looks more like hes dancing. As for “Mickey” he messes up quite a few times, but he still plays really fast, and his style is getting old, i think he should change it up, and not do the same thing every year.


You really don’t know about body tricks, do you?

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I do but i just dont think they look that cool. and like i said it looks more like hes dancing

It would be better if you actually started considering saying things to people in a nicer tone…

Tone doesn’t transfer well in text. Also, I don’t want to take the extra effort. In addition, it shouldn’t be a big deal if some random kid said something to you in a bad tone.

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  1. It was very obvious that yours was in a bad tone
  2. You should care enough to spend the time to even try to be nice. Very inconsiderate. I personally wouldn’t want to spend my time reading a comment that was mean to someone else or that offends me. Some people may not care, but I certainly do.

Yeah, I agree with Bob.

How would you even know what tone he is typing in? Typing doesn’t have a voice.

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  1. I never said it wasn’t.
  2. I used to, now I don’t. You can care, but you don’t apply to this situation.

I’ve been here for a very long time. Probably before you even yoyoed. I’m going to act the way I want to. I didn’t break any rules, I didn’t do anything wrong. :wink:

Have a good day.

that cought me off guard lol


But really, I agree with Samad.

I do it, and people do it to me, and its not a big deal to me. If it is to you, then the internet isn’t for you.

Also, look at you post. It doesn’t seem nicer than Samad’s in any way.

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I’m just going to go away from this post after this, and never look at it again.

But I do have to say one thing- Just because I want to make this a more enjoyable place for me and other people, doesn’t mean the internet isn’t for me.

I’m sorry if I caused a tiny uproar or anything, but I’m sorry if I did. I was just trying to point something out that would make things more enjoyable.

If you want it to be more enjoyable, don’t get into these types of arguments ._.

Ok so? Hiroyuki Suzuki does almost the same thing every year. And John only kind of messed up once. Mickey messed up at least 3 times. And John has more style because he just doesn’t stand there and show his skill, He has fun up there, and thats what your supposed to be doing.

I agree with Dougie T. John does like to have fun on stage, but I think it can sometimes distract an audeince from from what he’s doing, but over all he’s just a really great player and he desevered to win. As for Mickey, that guy really puts on a show to. He has such a huge stage presence it’s unbeliveable. He ups the glitter and bling every year. When he’s on stage, you just have this weird feeling that your about to see something amazing. But yes, he should try to mix it up a bit and try some new stuff.