Mickey, Ando and Taka Teamplay in China

This video just made me rethink my play style. Mickey is my favorite player but this movie just made me think that I actually fit Ando’s style better because of his fluid (not that Mickey’s not fluid) swinging motion. I might just mix the two styles XD. It is just an enjoyable video overall. Though Taka drops doesn’t catch his yoyos most of the times.

Here it is!

This was an AWESOME contest. Mickey, John and Taka did some amazing demos. Look for footage of this performance and of Johns trip to Hong kong and China in an upcoming YoYoFactory DVD!

HAHA ANDO MISSED HIS ARM REVS 3:05! AHHAHAHAAAH Sorry, had to do that. Man i wanna try soloham… once i get another os yoyo!

Lol, Greatest video ever! Love them all ;D ;D

That is an awesome video. Fun tho see the pros mess up a few times.

Really? Cool! I will have to get it! Hong Kong, China and Canada for the win!