Favorite Mickey Freestyle

This is just my opinion. I think the song sounds okay.

Watch in HD. Even though this is 4 months old. It’s still awesome.

Look at 0:20. It matches with the song…I think :stuck_out_tongue:

watching that video again makes me worry about him at worlds. Is he gonna slip so many binds at worlds? :frowning:

I like his t-shirt. He rules!

Its the same ol Mickey. He isn’t gonna do so hot at worlds if he brings the same stuff as he did last year.

I like the episode 1.

My all time favorite freestyle from Hiro was his 1A from Japan Nats 04.

While it may not be his hardest freestyle, it was the one that he really seemed to be having fun on stage, had a nice smile the whole time, and had some really crazy tricks for the time.

Its the same freestyle from that years world yoyo contest, but this one had less mistakes, and had a few different tricks, like that chopstick combo he mixed in there.

Loved it.


Did you see his jpn Nats freestyle? He’s not gonna bring the same stuff as he did last year. Hes gonna maintain his sidestyle for 13+ seconds  ;D :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

P.S. This video doesn’t include the audience cheering. The cheering was added in, but it didn’t show up properly.

What’s with all the music corrections?

Its true. That was different for mickey but I’m not sure it’ll be enough. It was his speed that made him stand out and that freestyle didn’t really show that off. I Still don’t think he’s gonna do as good in worlds.

Still some time until worlds.

This is the video that makes me throw up to now.  :o