Ryota Ogi, just wow.


Those fast combos in there, just how.
I literally yelled at my computer watching this: WOAHH!!! NO WAY, HOW!!!


And what’s crazy is that it seems so effortless to him, that whole prelim was pretty much flawless.

Just amazing,

thought you guys would like to see it.


Pretty sick!

I guess he stole Mickey’s style…

Happy Throwing! =]

Wow! Best freestyle at that contest without a doubt! He’s so fast! ;D

He will forever be known to me as “Mickey 2”.


so im perusing these video topics while on the phone with my girlfriend. i come across this and decide to watch it. so i click play, my jaw drops, it finishes and i realize my lady hung up on me because i was ignoring her.

worth it! ;D

Is that a Girl?

Ryota is a guy.

Wow… I have nothing to else to say.

He’s hella sick! Sicker than James’s Sick String!

My eyes!.. They burn from the awesomeness.

Nawh. He improved on it.