TM or HS?


Of these two freestyles, which do you prefer?



I personally like Hiroyuki Suzuki.


This is actually surprisingly difficult. I’m a massive fan of Takeshi’s 1A, it’s so innovative and beautiful to watch. However that being said, of the two performances, Mickeys had better choreography and all round more energy.

Whilst I much prefer Takeshi’s style, of the two freestyles you posted, I’m going to go with Mickeys. He always looks so in control and puts on a great show.

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While I agree mickey had better choreography, I think takeshi had more energy. After he made a whole string of tricks, you could tell he was pumped. The crowd immediately fed off his stokedness.

Mickey’s looked more thought out,
Takeshi’s looked more practiced.


Wow. I can’t believe that I have never noticed that Mickey uses super short string until now. :stuck_out_tongue:


TM for me.

Hiroyuki’s frontstyle speed, though. I want some of that. :slight_smile:


Hiroyuki’s choreography seals the deal for me. But Takeshi’s freestyle this year was also immensely enjoyable.


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While I always love Hiroyuki’s performances, they get old after awhile. Nevertheless, they are very impressive.

Takeshi’s freestyle was very innovative, full of rejections and slacks, etc, something I hardly ever see at Japan Nationals.

So bottom line, Hiroyuki was focused on being speedy and getting as many string hits as possible, whereas Takeshi was more focused on getting those very difficult tricks nailed at a slower pace. He didn’t need the speed.

I’m gonna have to go with Takeshi :slight_smile:


To me, it’s a no brainer.


Not only were his tricks super innovative, they were also executed very well, they both had a couple small misses and I believe takeshi had a few more. Hiroyuki’s don’t seem as innovative.

As for choreography, takeshi seemed like he was getting into his tricks and going with the flow. Hiroyuki seemed very awkward and uncomfortable, which I’ve noticed how he usually looks on stage. It seemed like he planned out the movements, which doesn’t look as good IMO.


If you put the music with the opposing video, you’ll see takeshi’s goes better with mickey’s than mickey’s does with takeshi. 1) Takeshi has a style that just flows with music, or 2) Mickey just picked a song that is easier to go to, or 3) Both. Personally I think that means takeshi’s better at the choreography.


How? You make your freestyle with your own song in mind, it’s just a coincidence.


Takeshi Matsura all the way


Think about it. If takeshi fits well with hiroyuki’s music, how come hiroyuki doesn’t fit takeshi’s music? Maybe because mickey’s song was a lot easier to play to? Or because Takeshi’s style just goes well with anything.


I find this quite fallacious

I think that if Takeshi’s performance goes well with most musics it’s because unlike Mickey, his freestyle has very little/no structure


Hiroyuki Suzuki. His performance looks cleaner to me, it appears effortless, with greater speed, more showmanship, and his tricks fit a lot better with his chosen music.

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Another reason could be that nearly every trick is a banger, so he never really misses a drop.


Uuuhhh… Mickey’s song choice is very easy to go to. It had plenty of build-up and stuff like that. Mickey probably didn’t have to do much to make the routine.