I prefer...

Watching a fun and well presented freestyle with simplicity, over a top scoring high risk freestyle, no matter how flawless it ends up being.

I just came across this today:

Yuki Tokunaga has been one of my all time favorite players 1A wise for years. Why? Because he is a player who knows how to “present” his tricks in a fun way.
One thing I love about his stuff, is that you won’t find “normal” and “everyday” elements in his tricks.
Yes, his tricks aren’t as high risk or as technical as many other contest players, but I could care less. Its freestyles like his that leave a smile on my face, and a happy feeling within.

Just for reference, Yuki has had a very clean and simplistic style for years, and I have enjoyed seeing his progression over the years.
E.G: 10 years ago!

Someone who stays true to their style is also something that is very respectable.

Anyways, thought I would share for inspiration and thought. And for the record, for sure, he is currently my favorite 1A player



I’m with you on that one. I’ll watch the crazy point-scoring freestyles in awe but it’s fun freestyles geared towards performance rather than scoring that I keep going back to watch.


He looks so relaxed

I can never watch players like Mickey or Marcus Koh. It’s just not enjoyable at all. Guys like this guy or Guy Wright know how it’s done.