This Is Why Yuki Nishisako Is My Favorite Yoyoer

Competitive tricks, artistic, and style for days. Definitely my biggest inspiration right now. I’m trying to borrow some of that swag. I’m just happy that I can do a few of his tricks, now I just need to make them look this good haha.


And……he did all that on a $99 yo-yo.

No tri metal, no quad metal, no titanium, no magnesium, no undercuts, no magical finish treatment, no claims of supernatural weight distribution, etc…

Just Mad skills and a good yo-yo.

Simply amazing. It’s not just the trick choices and the flawless routine. It’s that he made the whole video look so ‘Easy’.

…If I had the Worlds’ most vivid imagination, I still couldn’t throw that well in my dreams.


Yeah I just love his style so much… Makes everything look like it takes no effort

One of my favorite yoyo videos ever

A-rt vids are always heat


That flow is incredible. This is how you yoyo with the music.

I really need to learn more slack tricks, this man has it down AF.


He def got that art flow even though he aint on art. I could watch him throw all day

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Yeah, he is definitely smooth with it!

Friend, good luck hunting one of those incredible tricks;)


How would this performance score if it was for the 2021 OWYYC? It seems to have all the elements except speed. A beautiful performance and another instance where A-rt builds brands.

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It’s totally lacking stage presence. This guys feet are almost glued to the ground. (don’t take this as criticism please, I’m sure if he was to perform for competition he’d be moving more)

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Oh you probably only meant the technical scoring part. That is a good question. Those tricks are pretty good.


Japanese rap sounds so strange to these American ears…heard the phrase “friend zone” in there, which made me smile.

not so well in some regards, the routine in this vid was not crafted with that in mind tho.


The video was designed to Showcase exactly what it achieved.

Amazingly and complex trick flow and construction.

Visualizing minimum movement from the waist down. And maximum continuous coordinated flow from the waist up.

The video was not constructed to be interpreted as a multifaceted entry for any yo-yo contest.

….Zammy Ickler has done a good number of AstoundIng Mobius videos. I never heard a single comment about him standing still the Whole time.

Your mind should be stimulated to appreciate the Mad skills before your eyes.

…You need to recognize the video as it was intended. As a A-rt form, showcasing trick skill and not foot movement.

……If a man walks out to the curb and lifts a 2 ton car over his head> he doesn’t have to dance at the same time. He is showing his power, not dancing with the stars.


Tyler Vienneau also stands in place when doing many of his routines, and they are simply mesmerizing to watch. Nothing wrong with being stationary so that viewer focus goes entirely to the yoyo and the amazing flow of the routine.

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Yep, this performance wasn’t made with competition in mind.


It will hurt your score if you stand still in competition.

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What do you mean? It does have speed elements, its just a more elegant and beautiful versionof speed. Yuki took 3rd in worlds 2019 also.

Understood. But that video wasn’t from (or for) a competition, was it?

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Yeah he moves a lot at contest. He took 3rd in worlds 2019 . To me though… this is absolutely brilliant and beautiful. You don’t always have to move a ton.

Edit: oh you mean moving for the contest only haha