Yuki Nishisako: Story

Yoyo used: Yuki’s signature Flashback if anyone is interested.

Very nice!!! Some of those combos need medication. That’s some serious inspiration, man.


The triangle entrance followed by the stationary suicide sequence @ 0:25 is beyond nuts.

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So freaking good - Yuki’s a beast

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During WYYC 2019 he scored the highest in Technical Execution (TE) (yes he beat Evan and Gentry on this category), yet ended up at 3rd place. The reason being the judges giving him a SIGNIFICANTLY lower score on showmanship, and body control, lol. Think about it. If you don’t have good body control, you will not be able to execute those crazy elaborate techniques he did during WYYC. The same thing happened to him during WYYC 2018 where he got 3rd place in 1A, yet had the highest Technical Execution over everybody else, but the judges giving him lower score in choreography and body control.

Yet after all this he remained a pretty down to earth guy, and never raged quit like Takeshi Matsuura. You’d see him talking and hanging out with other non-Japanese during WYYC 2019.