Hiroyuki Suzuki/Takeshi Matsuura

So… I see both of them… And they’re amazing yes, but who do YOU think is better? Say in all five yo yo plays.

Chuck Norris.

What the crush?

Tough call. Only ever seen Hiroyuki doing 1A but I’ve seen Takeshi playing 1A and 5A. Overall, I suppose I’d give the edge to Takeshi. That said, they’re both absolutely phenomenal players.


I have stated my views regarding threads of this nature.

I like Hiroyuki in 1A, but Takeshi is amazing at 5A.


If they had a fight, who do you think would win?

Little Takeshi could use nun-chucks as a handicap cause he’s still a kid.

Both are great across several styles. In addition to 1A, Hiroyuki is also very good in 2A and offstring.

In addition to freehand and 1A, Takeshi is really good at 3A.

Both can probably do the other styles as well, though I’ve not really seen them other than some old videos where Mickey did brief clips of all five styles.

I’d say takeshi, his 1a 3a and 5a and all amazing and has competed and done well in those divisions. Mickey does all 5 styles, I haven’t seen his 2a or 4a yet though

Ya Mickey’s looping and offstring are pretty sweet

Mickey’s 4a is pretty insane. He’s competed in offstring and done quite well. Think ‘speed’

No need for sarcasm sir. :slight_smile:

Cant decide there both phenomenal players what is with amazing Asian yoyoers?


There are many good non-asian yoyoers… Yoyoing is just more popular in Asia then in North America. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still…Asians seem to excel in odd sports. Think ping pong. BTW, I’m Asian, so not trying to be racist or anything. Just pointing it out.

Taksehi by far for me.