Favorite YoYoer in every style?


I don’t know if there is a topic on this already but post your favorite throwers in each division
Mine are…

1a: Jensen Kimmit
2a: Shu Takada
3a: Hank Freeman
4a: Rei Iwakura
5a: Takeshi Matsuura


1a: Peter Pong
5a: Tyler Severance

That’s all that matters. :-*


1a) John Chow/John Ando
2a) Shinji Saito
3a) Kentaro Kimura/ Patrick Borgending
4a) Ben Conde/ Bryan Figueroa
5a) Tyler Severance/Takeshi Matsuura/Ethan “MOMO” Wing Hang


1a. Gentry Stein
2a. Yu Tsumura
3a. Patrick Borgerding
4a. Ben Conde
5a. JonRob


1a. Dillon Barosky, Tessa Piccilo, Corli du Toit, Tyler Hsieh, Kyle Derry, JD, Andre Boulay, Kieran Cooper, Tylor, Yukki, Jordan Shen, Anthony Tran, Everett Caday, Biser Lukich, Goerge Standanov, Augie Fash, Eric Køløski, and John Narum (in no particular order)

2a. Yoshi Mikamoti, Joshep Harris, Shu, and Tyler Hsieh.

3a. Eric tran ton, Michael, and Alex Hattori

4a. John Narum, Ben Conde, Bryan Figueroa, Rei Iwakura (in that order)

5a. Takeshi Matsura. No one else even compares.


1a: Hiroyuki Suzuki, I love his fast paced style.
2a: Shu Takada
3a: Hank Freeman
4a: Rei Iwakura, ABSOLUTE BEAST!
5a: Takeshi Matsura, kid’s gonna be the 5a Shinji Saito.


Their all current champions lol


I like winners :wink: but yea,I don’t really watch 2a or 3a… For 1a I do like Suzuki’s style, I like watching fast players ;D and I love Rei’s style too, I can definitely see the improvement from his World’s performance last year and his Japan performance this year, can’t wait to see what he does at worlds… And Takeshi has just been destroying it, he really is going to be the Shinji Saito of 5a.


Takashi is gonna win the worlds again I bet

(2Sick Joey) #10

1A.) There are literally too many good 1A players to pick one favorite: So Lil Takeshi, Shinji, Anthony Rojas, Charles Haycock, Gary Li, Luis Enrique
2A.) Shinji Saito
3A.) Kentaro Kimura
4A.) Rei Iwakura
5A.) Hideo Ishida


1A: Tylor Mcallumore
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: Donald Hodgkingson
4A: Ben Conde
5A: Michael Kurti

All of these guy’s are amazing!


1A: Chuck
2A: Shu Takada
3A: Eric TranTon
4A: Rei Iwakura
5A: JonRob


1A ~ Jesse Christe, Daniel Dietz, Zammy (Seriously really nice guys, I met them) ;D
2A ~ Shu Takada
3A ~ Kentaro Kimura or Colin Beckford
4A ~ Ben Conde
5A ~ Joshua Yee


1A. Tatsuya Fujisaka, Akitoshi Tokubuchi, Harold Owens III, Shinji Saito, Peter Pong Si Yee, Zannix Wong
2A. Shinji Saito
3A. Hank Freeman
4A. Bryan Figueroa
5A. Takuma Inoue

(Jei Cheetah) #15

1A: Masataka Ichimori / WHIP
2A: Shingo Kawamura / Yukihiro Suzuki (RIP)
3A: Daisuke Shimada
4A: Kenji Eto / Naoto Okada
5A: Andrew Lin


Finally someone else who likes Zannix Wong. It seems like there’s barely any people who know about him. Such a fantastic, underrated thrower…


1A. Anthony Rojas, Chuck, Guy Wright, Vladimir Glaskov, Janos, Alexis JV, Devon Jackson, Isaac Sams, Jason Lee, Shinji Saito, Sebby, Tomas Bubak, Whip, Zannix, Eric Koloski, and I’m probably missing a good few others. (EDIT: Forgot Andrew Maider and Eric Tranton)

2A. Shinji (EDIT: Forgot Grant Johnson)

3A. Hank Freeman (EDIT: Forgot Eric Tranton)

4A. Ben Conde and Bryan Figueroa

5A. Takeshi Matsuura (EDIT: Forgot Bryan Jardin)


1A Peter Pong… Period

2A Shu Takada (I don’t know anybody else)

3A Hank Freeman

4A Ben Conde

5A Takeshi Matsuura


Yeah, so slow, technical, and smooth. And his style scores pretty high, he got 8th at Worlds last year. Also, I forgot about Isaac Sams. I really like his style, as well as Andrew Maider’ s.


And I forgot Andrew Maider. Funny. :smiley: But yeah, I know. That 8th place freestyle only has close to 9000 views I think. Deserves so many more.


Jensen Kimmit

Shu Takada

Hank Freeman

Ben Conde bar FAAAAR…

I don’t know, I guess Takeshi…