Favorite Player in Each Style

I want to know who your favorite yoyo player is in each style.

Here are my favorites:
1A: Gentry Stein (YYF)
2A: Grant Johnson (YYJ) or Joseph Harris (YYJ)
3A: Hank Freeman (Duncan) or Patrick Borderding (YYF)
4A: Ben Conde (YYJ)
5A: Tyler Severence (YYF)

NOTE: These players are subject to change.

1A-Jensen Kimmitt
2A-Shu Takada
3A-Patrick Bogerding
4A-Ben Conde
5A-3 way tie because I don’t exactly watch 5A- Takeshita Matsuura, Josh Yee, and Tyler Severance

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1a: Marcus Koh, Petr Kavka,
Jason Lee
2a: Shu Takada, Patrick Mitchell
3a: Hank Freeman, Josh Yee
4a: Ben Conde
5a: Petr Kavka, Tyler Severence

1a: Hiroyuki Suzuki
2a: I don’t have enough knowledge of 2a
3a: Same as 2a
4a: This guy, purely because of how much fun he is having http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MSO2-GTR18
5a: Takeshi Matsuura, Samm Scott.

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Sean Perez is my new favorite in 4a, that performance was awesome. As for the rest:

1a: Gentry Stein
2a: I don’t know…
3a: I don’t know…
5a: Tyler Severence

I’m changing my 4a

Didnt someone make a topic just likethis a few days ago? I cant find it anymore.

1A: Reymark Zavalla
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: hiroki miyamoto
4A: Sean Perez
5A: Drew Tetz

Dude i made this exact thread. Not cool

1a: John Narum, Zach Gormley, Jensen Kimmitt
2a: Shinji Sato, Patrick Mitchell
3a: Hank Freeman
4a: Ben Conde, used to be John Narum
5a: Tyler Severence…

Sorry! I didn’t know that. Please accept my apology.

Actually, I just looked up your thread, and I had already seen it. It is the “Who’s your favorite yoyoer?”
thread right? This thread is different. Mine asks people to say their favorite yoyoer IN EACH STYLE. Still, I am sorry if I offended you.

1a: Spencer Berry
2a: Chun Hay Chan
3a: Hank Freeman
4a: Zac Rubino
5a: Jake Bullock

1a zach gormly,paul dang
2a John Ando
3a i dont know
4a John narum, Ben conde
5a i dont know miguelcorea mabe ;D

Already a thread like this but oh well.
1A: Zach Gormley, Anthony Rojas, Jensen Kimmitt and Charles Haycock
2A: Shu Takada
3A: Hank Freeman
4A: Ben Conde
5A: Josh Yee, Takeshi

1a: zach gormley
2a: team shaqler
3a: hank freeman
4a: Ben conde
5a: steve brown

No, there was a thread exactly like this a few days ago. fav thrower in each style, but i cant seem to find it o.O , ill get the link if i can find it, im not sure if it was apollo or not though

Oh well, sorry. I just joined the forums, so my mistake.

So I tried to find the thread that is exactly like mine, and I found it. I am very sorry Apollo2, please forgive me, I truly did not know. I got confused when i found your other thread “Who’s our favorite yoyoer?”

Bump. I am bumping the threads that I made about favorite tricks, players, and throws…